Our AFT 2121 Bargaining Team moves closer to Impasse as the District continues dragging its feet

In the hope of moving negotiations forward during the break, we scheduled two negotiating sessions with the District. At our session on Thursday, however, the District informed us they would not have a new compensation proposal by our session next week. Faculty have now been working without a contract for six months, and the tortoise-speed of District responses to our economic proposals indicate that we are moving toward impasse.

If and when impasse is declared, the labor board (PERB) will initiate a mediation process. If that fails to produce an agreement we would then move to fact-finding. After fact-finding if there is no agreement we could go on strike. This will take several months.

We had insisted on negotiating over the break hoping to see the move towards a breakthrough but it is clear that they have not taken these sessions as an opportunity to reach for any agreement.

Susan Lamb and the Board of Trustees must show some leadership and make a fair faculty contract a top priority.


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