We have declared impasse: BOYCOTT the Chancellor’s Address: No Business As Usual!

At today’s negotiating session we received no new economic proposal from the District administration, and have informed the admin team that we are officially declaring impasse with the labor board (PERB). We are calling on AFT 2121 members to boycott the Chancellor’s address in protest of the administration’s intransigence.

Chancellor Lamb and the Board of Trustees have allowed negotiations to languish, making no significant movement toward providing faculty fair compensation or addressing class size and enrollment decline. They must hear our united voice that enough is enough and become engaged in leading the process toward a fair resolution. Our AFT 2121 negotiating team has analyzed the budget and found a number of places where money should be on the table that currently is not.

Our boycott of the Chancellor’s morning address on FLEX day will make it clear we stand together for a fair contract. 

Once impasse is declared, PERB will initiate a mediation process. If that fails to produce an agreement we would then move to fact-finding. After a fact-finding report is released, if there is still no agreement, the District may decide to impose a contract and/or we will strike. We do not want to strike, but the District must understand that we will if provoked. By boycotting the Chancellor’s speech we visibly demonstrate that we have the unity it takes, and that we will not accept business as usual while we work without a contract.

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