​Employee Relations misrepresents its compensation offer

Today’s email from employee relations deliberately distorted negotiations. They say they’re offering 13.79% to full-timers and 11.17% to part-timers. Not true!

The discrepancy? They present their offer as if off-schedule bonuses will compound.This is not the case. Administration distorted the numbers by adding the 2.17% and 2.9% for all three years. This makes it appear as if these bonuses will compound when they will not!

What they’re actually offering:

  • Full-timers 7.29% over 3 years, plus a 2.17% “bonus”
  • Part-timers 2.49% over 3 years, plus a 2.9% “bonus”
  • Bonuses disappear at the end of the contract
  • Here’s a breakdown of their offer

Based on the District’s own numbers we estimate there is at least $65 million available over which to negotiate. That’s more than enough money to pay for our reasonable proposal for all CCSF faculty: restore our pay to 2007 levels, restore the frozen step, cover the state COLA, and provide a 12% increase over three years. 

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