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On Wednesday February 10th we met for an all-day mediation session with the District team. Mediation occurs in confidential sessions, so we are unable to report out specifics. Another mediation session is scheduled for February 24.

However, we can say that we will continue to prepare for a strike authorization vote and possible strike. The budget cannot continue to be balanced on the backs of educators and students. Faculty will struggle for the City College that our students deserve, which means investing in keeping classes open and retaining high quality faculty to teach them. The District needs to understand there will be no more business as usual until we receive a fair contract.

You can also start to inform your students about why faculty may have to strike. We are proud that the Associated Students at Ocean campus have voted unanimously to support our struggle for a fair contract. They realize that our working conditions are their learning conditions. We need to support each other in the struggle for the City College that we all deserve.

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