Our AFT 2121 delegates to the 2016 CFT Convention

Click on this post to view the whole list of our AFT 2121 delegates to the 2016 CFT Convention

AFT 2121 Delegation to 2016 CFT Convention
Hugo Aparicio, PT, Business-Credit
Cindi Augsjoost, PT, ESL
Rick Baum, PT, Social Sciences
Valerie Berger, FT, ESL
Harry Bernstein, PT, Music
Joe Berry, Retiree
Claire Brees, FT, Art
Jessica Buchsbaum, FT, ESL
Kathe Burick, PT, PE & Dance
John Carrese, FT, Economic Development
Patty Chong-Delon, FT, Counseling-Continuing
Richard Compean, FT, English
Venette Cook, FT, ESL
Anthony Costa, FT, Library
Alan D’Souza, FT, Library
Alison Datz, FT, ESL
Malaika Finkelstein, PT, Disabled Students Program
Ana Fisher, PT, Child Development & Family Studies
Allan Fisher, Retiree
Ann Fontanella, FT ESL
Kate Frei, PT, ESL
Galina Gerasimova, PT, Disabled Students Program
Debbie Giusto, FT, Nursing-RN
Margaret Hanzimanolis, PT, English
Barbara Johnson, PT, Admin Justice/Fire Science
Wynd Kaufmyn, FT, Engineering & Technology
Ann Killebrew, Retiree
Tim Killikelly, FT, Social Sciences
Li Lovett, PT, Counseling-Continuing
Jim McKinney, Retiree
Alisa Messer, FT, English
Marco Mojica, FT, Latin American & Latino/a Studies
Doug Orr, FT, Social Sciences
Wendy Owens, FT, Library
Jacob Picheny, PT, ESL
Bob Price, FT, Chemistry
Robin Pugh, FT, Business-NC
Lisa Romano, FT, Counseling-New
Lynn Schneider, FT, ESL
Rodger Scott, Retiree
Holly Stevens, FT, ESL
Frederick Teti, FT, Mathematics
Rosario Villasana, FT, Child Development & Family Studies
Diane Wallis, FT, ESL
Debbie Wilensky, FT, ESL
Jenny Worley, FT, English




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