Tomorrow: VOTE | Tuesday: Alex Nieto vs. SFPD | Save the date: March 11

Tuesday, March 1: Alex Nieto vs. the SFPD

Shot at 48 times and killed by the San Francisco Police Department, Alex Nieto was a family provider, college student, security guard, and a positive, peaceful community activist. Join us for a community for a rally on the morning that the trial for Alex Nieto begins.

We will rally, share love, sing songs, make speeches, and show unbreakable unity at the United States federal courthouse in San Francisco’s Civic Center at 450 Golden Gate Avenue.

Speeches, poetry, and performances by Roberto Hernandez, Thea Matthews, SF Board of Supervisor John Avalos, Adriana Camarena, SF Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia, Ben Bac Sierra, SF Board of Supervisors District Nine Candidate Edwin Lindo, Favi Estrella, Francisco Herrera, Equipto, Dregs One, Tony Robles, Father Richard Leslie Smith, AFT 2121 

Reminder: Strike authorization vote, Monday 2/29 through Tuesday 3/8

After over a year of negotiations we must use every tool at our disposal, including the possibility of withholding our labor, to defend the City College San Francisco deserves and compel the District to deal fairly with us.

Find out where to vote

Get answers to key questions about the Strike Authorization Vote

This graph compares SF cost of living to the District’s offer for Full-timers

This graph compares SF cost of living to the District’s offer for Part-timers

Save the date: Friday March 11, march for our contract and the public education San Francisco deserves!

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016

Stand with education workers from across California and march for the public education San Francisco deserves!

What: March for public ed!
When: Meet at 12PM
Starts: at the annual CFT Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel (5 Embarcadero Center, SF)

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