AFT 2121 Strike Hardship Committee: More details to come on accessing Strike Hardship funds

Dear Faculty,

As many of you know, our Union has worked tirelessly to ensure that we receive a raise and a fair contract this year. Considering that we have been working at a 2007 salary scale, and we CCSF faculty are among California’s lowest paid community college faculty, our contract request is reasonable and financially sound. 

Unfortunately, our union and the District have reached impasse and contract mediation has not helped us overcome our impasse thus far. So a vote to support a strike this Spring began yesterday Monday, February 29 and ends Tuesday, March 8th. Find out where and when to vote on the AFT 2121 website.

As part of the preparation for a strike, our Union formed a Strike Hardship Fund Committee last December before the strike vote at that time. We have been meeting regularly to discuss ways to allocate modest grants and offer interest free loans for our AFT 2121 members should we strike.

In the coming days, we will have more detailed information about how to access these modest funds, should you need them if we must strike for the City College San Francisco deserves.

For now, our committee thanks our faculty for continuing to offer quality education to our students during these difficult financial times and we also thank our Union leadership for their continued efforts on our behalf.

In unity,

AFT 2121 Strike Hardship Committee: Venette Cook, Xochi Candelaria, Anthony Costa, Marco Mojica, Alan D’Souza

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