The time to send a clear message has arrived: Vote YES for a strike authorization. 

Our college is at a crossroads. Our Board of Trustees and the administration need to make some choices. Do they plan to downsize our college, ignoring the interests of students and community while they continue to believe they can maintain downsized salaries for faculty? Or will they realize that the path they need to follow requires providing fair and competitive salaries to maintain the vital programs essential for the future of our college?

We as faculty members are also at a crossroads and need to make some choices. Will we realize that our own power to rebuild our beloved City College will be found by standing up for our students and ourselves? Or will we acquiesce to plans to deny our students educational opportunities with a smaller college and accept a future of unfair wages for ourselves and future faculty?
Our choice is clear: Stand up and vote YES for a Strike Authorization.
We need to clearly let the administration know that the status quo of the last 4 years is not acceptable and not a viable future for our college. A YES vote for a Strike Authorization means that our members give our Executive Board and Negotiations team the power to call for a strike if needed. The vote began today February 29 and runs through March 8 (find out where and when to vote).
The College has at least $65 million in reserve and contingency funds that could be used toward a fair contract and rebuilding our college. Here are some answers to other key questions about the Strike Authorization Vote.
United we have the power. The more of us who vote “YES” the stronger our message will be.
Vote YES!
In Unity,
Tim Killikelly
President, AFT 2121
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