AFT 2121 ​Emergency Delegate Assembly unanimously affirms one-day ULP strike

Today the Delegate Assembly, our elected rank-and-file leaders, unanimously voted to strike in response to CCSF administration’s unfair labor practices for one day on Wednesday, April 27. The decision comes after our union membership voted by 92% to authorize a strike. Plan to join us on the picket lines!

Faculty do not take this decision lightly. But we cannot sit idly by while the administration negotiates in bad faith and allows the discredited ACCJC to dictate our contract. The damage that this rogue accreditor has wrought on our students, college, community and faculty must stop.

Administration has already begun implementing a plan to reduce the size of the college by 26% and permanently keep faculty salaries at depressed levels. Administration needs to put public money to work in the classroom, not leave it uselessly in a bank account.

While administration makes cuts that will reduce access to public higher education in San Francisco, our union has helped develop initiatives such as Supervisor Kim’s plan to make City College free for all San Franciscans, announced this morning.

It’s clear that our organizing is working because admin is now resorting to intimidation. Jeff Sloan, attorney for CCSF admin, is calling on the Union to cancel the planned one-day ULP strike on April 27 or face unspecified further action. He claims that the ULP strike is not legal because we are still in impasse procedures. We believe that our strike is legal and that it is the right thing to do to build power for our students and community. Our administration cannot retaliate when everyone participates – that is the foundational principle of unionism.

Our strike will send a clear message: faculty will defend our college—the gateway to higher education in San Francisco—from an administration that is following the ACCJC playbook. We won’t sit idly by while the door is closed to tens of thousands of students, and we will protect educators struggling to get by in the city that they serve.

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