AFT 2121 joins Jane Kim in campaign to make City College free for SF residents and workers

Today AFT 2121 joined Jane Kim as she stood with other supervisors and the community to make City College free for San Franciscans and those who work at least half time in SF!​ We think this is something the entire campus community will be excited to support—a proposal that will help thousands of CCSF students by turning back enrollment fees to before 1984, when community colleges were virtually free.​ Stay tuned for more details as this campaign progresses.

Free City overview

Short video of today’s announcement

Fox 2 – SF Supervisor Kim proposes free City College for city residents, workers

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City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees: Make City College FREE for ALL San Franciscans!

Please sign and share. Tell our CCSF Trustees not to ration education by excluding students from the Free City College program based on academic..

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Hey AFT 2121 faculty come and join us today from 4-6pm at the Ocean Ale House for a happy hour with your co-workers. First round’s on us!

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City College may tie free tuition to grades

The Free City Initiative was built to be inclusive and to communicate to all SF students that our college is their college, especially at moments..

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New York’s Free-Tuition Program Will Help Traditional, but Not Typical, Students

“To qualify, students must attend school full time and be on track to graduate within two or four years, depending on the degree they are seeking…

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