To defend the City College SF deserves: AFT 2121 one-day strike information for April 27th, 2016


for the City College
San Francisco Deserves
Wednesday, April 27, 2016
all campuses – 8:00am to 7:30pm
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During the accreditation crisis, City College students and workers fought alongside our community for CCSF. Now administration intends to shrink classes by 26%, lay off more than a quarter of the faculty, and refuses to negotiate a fair faculty contract.

City College of San Francisco administration are doing the work of rogue accreditor ACCJC. Our students deserve the best – we will not accept a downsized school or an unfair contract!

On April 27th, 2016, AFT 2121 will have a one-day ULP STRIKE at all City College of San Francisco campuses. City College faculty will withhold our labor, no classes will be held, no papers will be graded. Instead, faculty, students, and community supporters will picket CCSF locations throughout the city.

Check this page for updates on other events happening at picket lines throughout the strike day. Let us know how you can support striking faculty at

Community and students stand with us for the CCSF San Francisco deserves!

Negotiations info

Frequently asked questions

Read and help us improve our ULP strike frequently asked questions. We will continue to update with more information. 

AFT 2121 ON STRIKE picket lines info (PICKET START TIME IS NOW 8AM)

Picket Lines flyer_finalOn April 27th AFT 2121 will strike all City College of San Francisco Campuses for one day. We will have picket lines at 5 of our 9 campuses plus Gough Street. Picket lines begin at 8:00AM sharp!

The Chancellor, not wanting to confront our picket lines, has cancelled school for Wednesday in hopes of avoiding us. Our demands are not going away because she cancelled school, and neither are we. AFT 2121 officers met Monday evening and decided to alter the picket schedule slightly to take advantage of the new scenario.

  • Picket lines begin at 8AM, and we will run them until 11AM. 
  • At 12pm we will converge on the CCSF Civic Center Campus (1170 Market Street) for a major rally for the City College San Francisco deserves
  • We will resume afternoon picket lines at 2pm
  • There will be a social event at El Rio (3158 Mission St) at 7:30pm

AFT 2121 ON STRIKE picket lines (times and locations)

Stand up and fight back! Join our picket lines and attend our rally during the hours of 8:00am to 7:30pm at locations throughout the city. Striking faculty need your support at:
    • Civic Center Campus
      • (1170 Market), Rally at 12PM
    • Gough Admin Offices
      • (33 Gough Street), 8AM  – 10:30AM
    • Ocean Campus 
      • (50 Phelan), 8AM – 11AM and 2PM– 7:30PM
    • Chinatown / North Beach Campus
      • (808 Kearny), 8AM–7:30PM
    • Mission Campus
      • (1125 Valencia), 8AM-11AM and 2PM – 7:30PM
    • Downtown Campus 
      • (88 4th Street), 8AM – 11AM and 2PM – 7:30PM
    • Evans Campus
      • (1400 Evans), 8AM – 10AM and 6:00PM – 7:30PM
    • John Adams Campus
      • (1860 Hayes Street), 8:00AM – 11AM and 2PM – 7:30PM
AFT 2121 ON STRIKE picket lines (details)

Ocean Picket Map

  • Ocean Zone A
    Picket Line Coordinators: Erwin Barron and Mary Bravewoman
    Precincts: #2 Math, #14 English, #16 Foreign Language, #19 PE/Dance, #21 Library, #22 DSPS, #24 Admin of Justice, Airport: All Depts
  • Ocean Zone B
    Picket Line Coordinators:
    Bob Price and Valerie Berger
    Precincts: #5 Biology, #6 Chemistry/Earth Sciences, #26 Physics/Astronomy, #15 ESL (Ocean) and Institute for International Studies
  • Ocean Zone C
    Picket Line Coordinators:
    Wendy Kaufmyn and Marco Mojica
    Precincts:#3 Engineering and Architecture, #4 Computer Science and CNIT, #7 Social Sciences, #8 Behavioral Sciences, #9 Interdisciplinary Studies and Diversity Departments, #13 Nursing – RN, #18 BEMA/Cinema/Journalism, #32 VMD, Photography, #38 Speech
  • Ocean Zone D
    Picket Line Coordinators: Jenny Worley and Claire Brees
    Precincts:#1 Ocean, Business Credit, #10 Child Development, #11 Music, Theater, #17 Health Education, #23 Art, #34 Older Adults, #37 Horticulture, #39 Dental Assisting, Diagnostic Medical Imaging, Student Health
  • Ocean Zone E
    Picket Line Coordinators: Lisa Romano and John Carrese
    Precincts: #12 Counseling, #20 Culinary, Hospitality, CTE, Fashion, Workforce Development, Mentoring
  • Chinatown
    Picket Line Coordinators: Alison Datz, Holly Stevens, and Kate Frei
    Precincts: #31 Chinatown: ESL, (and other faculty who work primarily at Chinatown)
  • Mission
    Picket Line Coordinator: Carolyn Cox
    Precincts:#33 Mission: ESL, (and other faculty who work primarily at Mission)
  • Downtown
    Picket Line Coordinator: Tracy Ousdahl
    Precincts:#29 Downtown: ESL, #30 Business Non-Credit, Credit (not Ocean), (and other faculty who work primarily at Downtown)
  • Evans
    Picket Line Coordinator: Max Parsley
    Shift Times: 8:00AM – 10:00AM, 6:00PM – 7:30PM
    Precincts#25 Evans: All Departments, (and other faculty who work primarily at Evans)
  • John Adams
    Picket Line Coordinator: Alan D’Souza
    Precincts: #27 Healthcare Tech, #28 John Adams: ESL, #40 Nursing LVN, Consumer Education, (and other faculty who work primarily at John Adams)
  • Gough Street
    Picket Coordinator: Diane Wallis
    Shift times: 8:00am – 10:30am
    Precincts: #35 Civic Center: All Departments, Gough: All Departments, (and other faculty who work primarily at Civic Center)
  • Precinct #36 Transitional Studies: report to home campus

Sign-slogan ideas

  • Faculty working conditions = student learning conditions
  • Teachers standing up for CCSF and quality public education
  • Students standing up for CCSF and quality public education
  • Put money in the classroom
  • NO to downsizing CCSF
  • Teachers and students united for quality public education
  • Faculty for quality public education
  • Students for quality public education
  • Students & faculty UNITED!
  • On STRIKE for public education
  • On STRIKE for our students
  • On STRIKE for San Francisco’s future
  • On STRIKE against bad faith bargaining

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