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Become a member by April 8, 2016 to vote in elections for AFT 2121 leadership (term 2016-2018)

Every 2 years, we elect faculty who are members in good standing of our union to positions of leadership. Leadership nominations are now complete and the election will occur by mail ballot later this month.

Only members of AFT 2121 will be able to vote in the upcoming leadership elections. If you are a current member – we are glad you’re involved in our union! If you are not yet a member, please fill out your membership form and get it back to your precinct rep or to the AFT 2121 office (311 Miramar Ave.) by Friday, April 8, 2016 if you want to vote in the the upcoming leadership election. When you become a member of your union you build power, support your negotiating team, stand together with over 1200 of your colleagues, and ensure the healthy future of the labor movement.

Currently, 84% of faculty at CCSF are union members, and everyone pays a “Fair Share” fee to cover the costs of representation and negotiations that our union incurs on their behalf. The recent Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Associationcase that went before the Supreme Court now would have made dues optional for all public employees even though they would still reap the benefits of union representation.

Our AFT 2121 Delegate Assembly has set an organizing goal of reaching 90% membership by the end of this semester. Right now, most CCSF fee-payers do not know they are not full members. You can help by checking with your colleagues to make sure they have filled out a membership form and sharing this cute video explaining “Fair Share.”

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