AFT 2121 rank-and-file-leaders affirm one-day ULP strike

On Monday night CCSF Chancellor Lamb, recognizing the unity of faculty, students, and labor at City College announced that all 11 City College campuses will be closed on Wednesday, the day of the strike. We will proceed with our plan to peacefully picket and bring our message to the public. AFT 2121 officers met Monday evening and decided to alter the picket schedule slightly to take advantage of the new scenario.

On April 27th, 2016, City College faculty will have a one-day ULP STRIKE at all City College of San Francisco campuses. City College faculty will withhold our labor, no classes will be held, no papers will be graded. Instead, faculty, students, and community supporters will picket CCSF locations throughout the city.

Picket lines now begin at 8AM, and we will run them until 11AM. Then we will begin to converge on Civic Center (1170 Market Street) for a major noon rally for the City College San Francisco deserves. We will resume afternoon picket lines as planned and there will still be a social event at El Rio (3158 Mission St) when the day is over.

We are holding press conference at the Chinatown campus to officially announce the strike to press today (Tuesday morning) at 10am. All faculty, community and students are welcome to attend.

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