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Free City: reclaiming the promise of free, public higher education in San Francisco

Today AFT 2121 joined Jane Kim as she stood with other supervisors and the community to make City College free for San Franciscans and those who work at least half time in SF. We think this is something the entire campus community will be excited to support—a proposal that will help thousands of CCSF students by turning back enrollment fees to before 1984, when community colleges were virtually free. Stay tuned for more details as this campaign moves forward.

Free City overview
Short video of today’s announcement
Fox 2 – SF Supervisor Kim proposes free City College for city residents, workers

AFT 2121 rank-and-file-leaders affirm one-day ULP strike

Today faculty leaders at the emergency Delegate Assembly of AFT 2121 unanimously affirmed a one-day ULP strike on Wednesday, April 27th. The City College of San Francisco administration are doing the work of the rogue accreditor ACCJC. They plan to cut 26% of City College classes and are negotiating in bad faithwith faculty. City College students deserve the best – and faculty will not accept a downsized school or an unfair contract that doesn’t protect educational quality.

Faculty do not take this decision lightly. But we cannot sit idly by while the administration negotiates in bad faith and allows the discredited ACCJC to dictate our contract. The damage that this rogue accreditor has wrought on our students, college, community and faculty must stop.

We envision a City College with a broad mission – one that cares for students and workers. San Francisco needs the educational opportunities CCSF creates for Bay Area working families and the vibrancy it brings to our economy and culture. Faculty are united in defending the college and its students, including plans to make CCSF free for San Franciscans, who deserve quality public higher education.

Stand with us to defend a City College for everyone! We hope you will join our picket lines on April 27th.

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