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Preparing for Wednesday

April 27th is going to be a critical moment for our contract campaign, our college, and our union. Our day-long picket lines will be how we communicate with our students and community the justice and necessity of our strike: if they are weak, we will lose power in our fight for the College that San Francisco deserves.

We are not working on Wednesday, but that does not mean it is a vacation day. The hours you would normally give the college, your union needs from you. That doesn’t mean walking and chanting for 8 hours, but you are needed on campus, helping out in some way – and chanting when necessary. Our picket lines are important, and we also expect them to be fun! Solidarity is not a drag.

Click this link to find your picket assignment. Contact your picket coordinator – they can tell you where exactly to report. We will post a map late Tuesday night that you can check on Wednesday if you were unable to contact your picket coordinator.

Union Meeting Tuesday, 3 – 5pm on Ocean Campus in MUB 240
Please come help organize for our historic one-day strike!

Refuting the Chancellor ‘s Chronicle Editorial

Unfortunately the article written today by Chancellor Lamb further goes to show how the administration has adopted the anti-teacher stance of ACCJC, and continues the deceptive practices that have characterized our entire negotiation process.

The Chancellor claims we have been dishonest about her plans to downsize the College by 26%. But here’s a copy of the smoking gun document we’re referring to. It’s as clear as day no matter how much she tries to muddy the waters. The Chancellor wants to have it both ways: negotiating with us telling us one thing based on the document provided while telling the public that the District has no such plans.

Chancellor Lamb has the gall to claim that our charge of bad faith bargaining is untrue, that we are hurting students, and she attempts to make our proposals for a fair contract sound extreme.

  • The beginning of the 26% cuts over 6 years are already being implemented.
  • We are striking to defend the quality of education at our college.That’s why the Student Executive Council passed a resolution supporting our ULP Strike. Students understand that we need to struggle together. As educators their support means the world to us.
  • Our proposal is in line with what other community colleges in the Bay Area have received, in recent years. We are asking for salary restoration, plus 12% over three years and COLA.
  • Chancellor Lamb fails to mention we have even offered a trigger in 2017-18 the third year that would help the District through the financial difficulties of that year.
  • Chancellor Lamb fails to admit that administration has kept faculty salaries below 2007 levels for the last nine years, while she herself is taking home pay greater than 200K.
  • Chancellor Lamb mentions the $ 25 million dollar loss of revenue but fails to mention the nearly $60 million in reserves and funds that have accumulated because of the underpaying of faculty and staff.
  • Chancellor Lamb fails to mention that the District allegedly “missed” $12.9 million that the Union found!
  • Chancellor Lamb gives a scenario of pay increases but fails to mention that 3.5% is not a raise but a Restoration of our salary cut.
  • Chancellor Lamb also fails to mention that most of the “raise” is actually a bonus that goes away in 2017.
  • Chancellor Lamb fails to mention under their proposal that after 2 years we will only be at 1.49% above our 2007 salaries.
  • We are currently paid 3.5% below 2007.

This article with its deceptive claims only reinforces the argument we put forth in our Unfair Labor Practice complaint. We all hope for a way out this current struggle.  Unfortunately, this latest gambit by Chancellor Lamb only makes that seem more remote. That is why we must stand together with students, staff, elected officials and community and demand the CCSF that San Francisco deserves!

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