April 27th, 2016: Our Day of Action
One-Day Strike for the CCSF San Francisco Deserves!

YES to a Fair Contract
NO to a Downsized CCSF

Last week the AFT 2121 Executive Board called for an Emergency Delegate Assembly meeting to be held April 19th (Ocean Campus in MUB 240 from 3-5pm), and scheduled Wednesday, April 27th as a Day of Action. If the DA approves it on the 19th, we intend to strike for one day on the 27th from 6:30am to 7:30pm. Here’s why:

The District continues to negotiate in bad faith with us. They need to understand that we will not sit idly by while they continue with bureaucratic delays and obstructionism.

Although we have been officially released to fact-finding weeks ago the process has yet to begin. Weeks have gone by and there is no agreement on a fact-finder yet.

Meanwhile, we have received new information that comprises the basis for multiple Unfair Labor Practices against the District, which we are filing this week. The administration has violated our previous agreement to hold faculty harmless for conference hour re-designations which means some faculty are further underpaid for their work this semester.

And we have evidence that the District’s hard negotiating line that has kept us at the table for over a year is motivated by illegal ACCJC ‘underground’ standards that are not a part of the official accreditation review. One important ‘underground standard’ is that colleges which agree to wage increases for employees above COLA can be penalized. How can real negotiations be happening when the administration is holding the illegal line of a discredited institution?

Not only has the administration not negotiated in good faith but Susan Lamb’s plans for a 26% cut to our college are already being implemented. These attacks come while the college should be attempting to stabilize enrollment. Instead they are cutting high-demand programs such as Computer Science and ESL.

Our vision is for a CCSF with a broad mission –– one that cares for students and workers. We want to see the District get on board with bold new initiatives such as making CCSF free for San Franciscans as part of a plan to increase enrollment, not shrink this cornerstone of public higher education in the Bay Area.

By taking a one-day strike we will send a clear message to the Board and demonstrate that students, community and faculty stand united for the City College that San Francisco deserves.

The membership of AFT 2121 has already voted to authorize a strike. However, because a strike is only successful with broad participation it is important to give our rank-and-file Delegates a chance affirm the Executive Board’s decision. All faculty are invited to join the Delegate Assembly next Tuesday 19th on Ocean Campus in MUB 240 from 3-5pm to participate in the meeting, and help organize for the Day of Action. Our brothers and sisters in the California Faculty Association have just won a fair contract by organizing and not backing down. We are ready to do the same to defend public education and win a fair contract!

Meanwhile, be prepared for administration to attempt to intimidate us to stop us going on strike. They will try and use our students as a wedge, but our student leaders unanimously passed a resolution supporting our struggle and then presented that resolution to the Board of Trustees! Students understand that we are standing up for the college that San Francisco deserves. Our community knows that we have worked tirelessly to defend CCSF. That’s why 7 S.F Supervisors and 24 labor and community groups signed on to this letter supporting our fight for a fair contract and to defend CCSF for San Francisco. Administration may even try to use the courts to stop us from going out, but we know we have the right and the power to withhold our labor.

Strike schools are currently scheduled for Thursday, April 14 9:30-11am, 12:00-1:00pm and 5:00-6:00pm at John Adams Campus (Room 139). Strike prep sessions are being planned for all locations. Please reach out to your precinct representativeor to our Union ( about scheduling a strike school for your department or campus.


Tim Killikelly

AFT 2121 President

AFT 2121, UESF, CFA, and community leaders right after pulling off a civil disobedience action standing up for CCSF and public education!

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