AFT 2121 Leadership Election: Results are in

After a late night of counting, the results are in. Congratulations to our returning leaders and new ones:

President: Tim Killikelly (267), Malaika Finkelstein (1), Wendy Kaufmyn (1), Andrew King (1)

Vice President: Jenny Worley (246), Fred Glass (1), Nicola Smith (1)

Treasurer: Alan D’Souza (252), John Gravinore (1), Leslie Simon (1)

Secretary: Jessica Buchsbaum (257), Matt Duckworth (1), Harvey Schwartz (1)

At-large Executive Board Representatives:

Malaika Finkelstein (219)

Kate Frei (190)

Wendy Kaufmyn (215)

Alisa Messer (234)

Marco Mojica (195)

Rodger Scott (221)

Darvin Huang (1)

Greg Landau (1)

Jose Padilla (1)


Labor Council Delegates:

Kathe Burick (206)

Alan D’Souza (226)

Allan Fisher (226)

Ana Fisher (185)

Galina Gerasimova (195)

Timothy Killikelly (244)

Alisa Messer (233)

Bob Price (194)

Rodger Scott (220)

Fred Glass (1)

Jose Padilla (1)

Severin Rizzo (1)

Jane Wong (1)


Funded AFT Convention Delegates (top six vote recievers are funded):

Timothy Killikelly (238)
Alisa Messer (230)

Alan D’Souza (204)

Wendy Kaufmyn (197)

Jessica Buchsbaum (187)

Rodger Scott (185)

Joe Berry (154)

Li Miao Lovett (149)

Fred Glass (148)

Renato Larin (135)

Robin Pugh (132)

Hugo Aparicio(1)

Jose Cuellar (1)

Alison Datz (1)

Lu Marla Dea (1)

Anne-Marie Flemming (1)

Danny Halford (1)

Darvin Huang

Tore Langmo (1)

Kim Lee (1)

Jim McKinney (1)

Jose Padilla (1)


Delegate Assembly Precinct Reps:

Precinct 1Rep Needed
Ocean: Business Credit

Precinct 2Mary Bravewoman (11), John Verosky (11)
Ocean: Math

Precinct 3Wendy Kaufmyn (5)
Ocean: Engineering and Architecture

Precinct 4Carmen Lamha (4)
Ocean: Computer Science and Computer Networking

Precinct 5: Rep Needed
Ocean: Biology

Precinct 6Bob Price (6)
Chemistry and Earth Science

Precinct 7: Megan Sweeney (6), Tom Menendez (4)
Ocean: Social Science

Precinct 8Margaret Louie (1) 
Ocean: Behavioral Science

Precinct 9Marco Mojica (7), Leslie Simon (1)
Interdisciplinary Studies and Diversity Departments

Precinct 10Ana Fisher (8)
Child Development

Precinct 11Harry Bernstein (4), Matthew Creer (3)
Music and Theater

Precinct 12: Tracee Wong (14), and rep needed (Write-ins declined)
Counseling, EOPS, Financial Aid, African American Scholastic, Asian-Pacific Success, Latino Services

Precinct 13Erin Cunningham (1)
Nursing- RN

Precinct 14Erwin Barron(8), Richard Compean (8)

Precinct 15Nicole Barens (10), Valerie Berger (9) 
Ocean ESL, Institute for International Studies

Precinct 16Ana Garcia (3) 
Foreign Languages

Precinct 17: Tandy Iles (2), Sal Nunez (1), Sergio Martinez (1)
Ocean: Health Education

Precinct 18Rep Needed
BEMA, Cinema, Journalism

Precinct 19Kathe Burick (8), Adam D’Acquisto (6)

Precinct 20John Carrese (4) 
Culinary, Hospitality, CTE, Fashion, Workforce Development, Mentoring

Precinct 21Dayna Holz (10)
All campuses: Library

Precinct 22Galina Gerasimova (11)

Precinct 23Claire Brees (9)
Ocean: Art
Fort Mason: All Departments

Precinct 24Leland Lo (7), Brendan O’Leary (1)
Ocean: Administration of Justice
Airport: All Departments

Precinct 25Rep Needed
Evans: All Departments


Precinct 26Karl Westerberg(5)
Physics and Astronomy

Precinct 27Keith Aldis (1) 
Health Care Tech

Precinct 28John Watson (4)
John Adams: ESL

Precinct 29Tracy Ousdahl (10), Pamela Lyons (1)
Downtown: ESL

Precinct 30Robin Pugh (8), Kovak Williamson (1)
Business non-credit, Business credit (not Ocean)

Precinct 31Alison Datz (13), Holly Stevens (12), Kate Frei (1)
Chinatown: ESL

Precinct 32Bob McAteer (6)
Visual Media Design and Photography

Precinct 33: Carolyn Cox (12) 
Mission: ESL

Precinct 34Rep Needed
Older Adults

Precinct 35Diane Wallis (7) 
Civic Center: All Departments
Gough: All Departments

Precinct 36Christine Beard (2), Keith Choy (1), Billington Mbolo (1), Melissa McPeters (1), Pablo Rodriguez (1), Sharyn Zoll (1), & others declined
Transitional Studies

Precinct 37Thomas Wang (1)

Precinct 38Rep Needed

Precinct 39Rep Needed
Dental Assisting, Diagnostic Medical Imaging, Student Health

Precinct 40Rep Needed
Nursing-LVN, Consumer Education

Precinct 41: Jim McKinney (37), Allan Fisher (1), Cliff Liehe (1), Theresa Mostassisa (1)
Retiree Chapter


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