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Possible District Union-Busting Move On Pay For Strike Day

this is what solidarity looks like2121 members be advised: the administration has proposed to our union that faculty who sign an affidavit “under penalty of perjury” stating that they would have crossed picket lines if Chancellor Lamb had NOT cancelled school, will be paid for the one day of work on April 27 that we were locked out. Do not sign such an affidavit, should it be presented to you: It constitutes an illegal poll of union sympathies and is a tactic designed to divide and weaken our union. If the administration implements this scheme, we will amend our original Unfair Labor Practice to include both their illegal lockout and this proposed illegal poll.

Solidarity Summer

This summer our union will be offering a series of training sessions on building power among our students, community, and membership. We will discuss organizing theory and practice and will examine the forces at odds with public education.
For each of the 6 weeks of CCSF summer school, there will be a new session each with a different theme repeated Wednesday evenings 4-7pm and Sundays 11am-2pm, locations TBD. If you are interested in participating please RSVP to mmccown@aft2121.org so we can plan for the appropriate number of attendees. If you will be in need of childcare please include that in your RSVP.

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