Focus on a Fair Contract | Tomorrow: Let’s make CCSF free

On Friday at the end of business before Pride weekend, you probably received an Employee Relations email informing us that the District has decided to go ahead and dock faculty pay for the day of April 27; the day the District closed the school in response to our announced one-day ULP strike. Instead of spending their time figuring out how to settle a fair contract with faculty they continue to think we will bow to their will. When we voted to strike we knew the risk of losing pay and that will certainly happen if we need to strike again.

Our planned strike had immense power showing that students, community and local elected officials support us. When they closed the school, they hoped they could stop us; by retaliating now they hope to demobilize us from organizing for the contract CCSF deserves. It is our position that no employees, including faculty, should be docked pay for a day that they preemptively closed the college. We are consulting with our lawyer about our legal options.

Of course when 92% of faculty authorized a strike last spring we were prepared to lose pay. For those of us facing extreme hardship, we have all been contributing to a strike fund since last October: you can inquire about eligibility for the Strike Hardship Fund at

Our message for the District is clear:
1) Your scare tactics, diversions and divide and conquer tactics won’t work. The faculty have seen this act for four years now and aren’t buying it.
2) Spend your time wisely by seriously negotiating with the faculty for a fair contract.
3) We will strike if needed to defend the CCSF San Francisco deserves and have a fair contract.

Tomorrow: Let’s make CCSF free

Let’s make City College FREE for San Franciscans and those who work in our City!

NOON Rally on City Hall steps, Polk and Grove.
Lobby supervisors from 12:30pm to 1:30pm, visit SF supervisors

Tomorrow we will tell SF Supervisors:

  • make City College FREE for San Francisco residents and workers
  • offset costs like textbooks and transit for students most in need
  • expand the school-to-college pipeline—not the school-to-prison pipeline
  • reclaim the promise of the California Master Plan for Higher Education while helping secure CCSF’s future ability to serve our city’s diverse needs
  • expand access to higher education—for traditional college-age students, their neighbors, their moms and grand-moms!
Increasing educational opportunities is a public responsibility and an investment in our future. Let’s help lead a growing national movement for free public higher education!

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