Take action: Tell SF Supervisors to make City College free!

Let’s make City College FREE for San Franciscans and those who work in our City! City College faculty and students are working together with a broad-based coalition of labor, community organizations, and City leaders to develop a program to make community college free again – like it was before 1984.

Will you join us?

With skyrocketing housing prices in San Francisco, and high student debt, students often face choices between enrollment and rent, between textbooks and groceries.

City College serves a diverse range of students, and many of them need additional financial aid. Now we have the opportunity to pass a measure to make City College enrollment fees free for all who live and work in San Francisco, and to provide additional help to offset educational costs such as textbooks and transportation for students who qualify.

Will you sign this petition to make City College FREE for everyone who lives or works in our City?

San Francisco has the ability and responsibility to provide the economic support students’ need to succeed, recognizing that a more educated populace benefits all our communities. And let’s help lead a growing national movement for free public higher education!

We are now in a struggle to keep City College of San Francisco open for more than 80,000 students.
We need your help!

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