AFT 2121 to CCSF admin: Stop premature class cancellations!

AFT 2121 is challenging the new class cancellation policy that threatens to shut out more students from CCSF and cut faculty jobs and income. See President Tim Killikelly’s letter to the Board and Chancellor below. If this policy of cutting classes prior to semester start is not rescinded, AFT will follow with a mass grievance. Is your class being impacted by premature class cuts? Please sign on to this grievance by emailing AFT 2121 at

Dear Board of Trustees and Chancellor Lamb:

AFT recently learned of the new “Fall 2016 management enrollment policy” (attached) that sets an August 3, 2016 deadline for cancelling classes with 8 or fewer students, and  August 10 for classes with 9 or fewer, and other more aggressive deadlines than in the past. Closing classes before they have been given every opportunity to enroll, especially when SF residents are being courted by Skyline College, and when CCSF is awaiting the next round of ACCJC review, seems wrong-headed and contrary to the goal of recouping lost enrollment. Anecdotally, we are hearing from full-time faculty who have 3 or even 4 classes with under 9 students enrolled, or part-time faculty with under-enrolled classes who desperately need time to recruit students. Noncredit classes typically take even longer to enroll as SFUSD starts up after summer break.

We call on the Board of Trustees and administration to rescind this policy and instead allow as many classes as possible the chance to extend through the add/drop period before cancelling due to low enrollment. Premature closures will needlessly deny student access to CCSF and cause employment and income loss to faculty. If we do not hear from you by the end of this week, we will proceed with a formal grievance over class cancellation policies.


Tim Killikelly
President AFT 2121

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