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Board of Trustees: More access or more cuts?
The choice is clear. Students deserve access!
Our elected Board needs to decide whether it is going to support growing CCSF back to serve the needs of San Francisco’s students, or support short-sighted admin policies that will limit student access.

The choice is clear: when admin says they will cut every class without 8 students enrolled on August 3rd, before add/drop closes, before school has even started, credit and non-credit alike, students will suffer. Come to the Board meeting to help us show the Trustees why this matters, this Thursday, July 28 at 4pm in MUB 140.

Also, please sign on to the mass grievance we will file on July 29 if action is not taken to reverse this policy by responding to this email. You can also RSVP to the Board meeting by responding to this email.

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