Mediation today | Fact Finding update

Fact Finding update:

1) CCC State Chancellor Erik Skinner testifies Special Trustee Guy Lease doesn’t have the authority to veto the budget as claimed.

Much to our amazement CCC State Chancellor Erik Skinner testified as a witness for the District at the July 6th Fact-Finding.

His main contribution occurred when questioned about Special Trustee Guy Lease’s previous testimony claiming the authority to veto the college budget. After hemming and hawing Skinner confirmed what we had come to believe from our own analysis: Guy Lease’s power is only advisory. He has no authority to veto the budget.

2) District and our union will enter into a mediation session on Friday, July 8th.

At the urging of the neutral Fact-Finder the District and AFT 2121 are meeting with a mediator today. We will keep you updated.

Our final Fact-Finding meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 14th.

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