Aug. 10th: Special DA meeting (on TA ratification) | Admin botches strike pay deductions

Special DA meeting to vote on Tentative Agreement
All faculty are invited to join the special DA meeting Wednesday August 10th in MUB 230 from 3-5pm.
Delegates will have the opportunity to vote to recommend the Tentative Agreement before a general membership ratification vote. If it passes the DA, TA ratification will begin on FLEX day,August 11th. The Negotiating Team and Executive Board have already recommended this agreement to the general membership for ratification.

Admin botches pay deductions from strike
The District had claimed that they were deducting full-timers based on 1/175 of annual earnings for the one day strike. They didn’t! Instead, full timers were deducted based on hours assigned on 4/27, so some people got hit really hard, up to $1,300. Admin will be re-doing pay deductions with refunds on the August paycheck.

What’s next?

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