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Tomorrow: Special DA meeting to vote on Tentative Agreement

All faculty are invited to join the Special DA meeting Wednesday August 10th in MUB 230 from 3-5pm.
Delegates will have the opportunity to vote to recommend the Tentative Agreement before a general membership ratification vote. The Negotiating Team and Executive Board have already recommended this agreement to the general membership for ratification.
If  the Tentative Agreement passes the Delegate Assembly, our Ratification Vote will begin next week on Monday August 15th and end Sunday August 21st. Initially we wanted to begin our TA ratification vote on FLEX day but must wait on the District to finalize contract language based on the TA this week. More voting info to come soon.

Thursday: Our union’s FLEX Day meetings

AFT 2121 FLEX Day meeting from 2:30-4pm
AFT 2121 Part Timers Meeting from 4-5:30pm
Wellness Center, Room 103
View CCSF’s FLEX Day info

Next week: All members invited to join COPE meeting

Election season is here. Help make our Union’s next critical political decisions. All members are invited to join our COPE meeting on August 19th from 1:30-3:30pm at Mission Campus, room TBA.

AFT 2121 FLEX Day bulletin explains Tentative Agreement

Need to know the details about the Tentative Agreement? View the online version of our AFT 2121 FLEX Day Bulletin. The paper version will be distributed on FLEX Day and into faculty mailboxes during the first week of the semester.

Delist ACCJC NOW: AFT and faculty organizations file new complaint against rogue accreditor

AFT 2121, CFT, AFT, and faculty organizations have filed a new complaint against the ACCJCwith the Department of Education. We are asking that the Secretary of Education immediately delist ACCJC.

Our complaint focuses on new evidence since 2013 that the ACCJC remains not “widely accepted” by the educational community. The DOE has already found that they are not in compliance with this Federal regulation and they continue to be in violation. View CFT’s press release on the new complaint.

The complaint also focuses on the violation of Federal Due Process rules in the Restoration Status that is being applied only to CCSF.

We urge the DOE to finally end ACCJC’s misrule!

Admin botches pay deductions from strike

The District had claimed that they were deducting full-timers based on 1/175 of annual earnings for the one day strike. They didn’t! Instead, full timers were deducted based on hours assigned on 4/27, so some people got hit really hard, up to $1,300. Admin will be re-doing pay deductions with refunds on the August paycheck. If you have been paid improperly please let us know.

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