TA vote results | Strike day pay reductions and salary increase

97% of faculty vote “yes” to ratify our TA!

Voting on the Tentative Agreement has concluded. Our union leaders, bargaining team, and organizers are happy to announce a huge turnout in our TA ratification vote! 590 faculty voted, 16 voted “no,” and 574 (97% of voters) overwhelmingly voted “yes” to ratify the TA. Congrats to everyone and thanks to all who worked together on our contract campaign. Our unity and organizing made this win a reality!

What’s next?

How can I help?

This election is critical for our City and our College. We are working to make City College free for San Franciscans, elect progressive supervisors, and more. You can help! Volunteer to phone bank at our union office beginning next week. Our union will hold weekly phone banks Monday through Thursday from 5-8pmuntil election day on November 8. To volunteer call our union at 415-585-2121 or email us at aft@aft2121.org.

Strike Day pay deductions and actual salary increase

AFT has finally received detailed information on every faculty member’s pay deduction for April 27th, Strike Day. The District refuses to refund the deductions stating that they closed the school only in response to the Union’s announced plans to strike and our 92% “Yes” strike authorization vote.  After careful consideration, AFT has decided not to challenge the District’s decision further. This decision is in part based on the District’s agreement to the Union’s preferred method for applying the salary increases in the Tentative Agreement. This means that instead of a 9.4% increase (including restoration) for 2015/16, the increase is actually 9.6%. The District did this as they said “in the spirit of moving on”.

We now have a major contract settlement, ratified by a 97% “yes” vote. We think it is important to move ahead and focus on other important struggles including fighting class cuts, working on the Free City college campaign to grow enrollment at CCSF (which could increase pay even more), and continue challenging the ACCJC.

Regarding strike pay deductions, we are focusing on whether the deductions were calculated correctly and done in a fair and consistent manner. To this end, we now know that the District used following method was to calculate the deduction:

  • Base full-time salary: 1/175 of annual salary. Annual salary is based on working the 175 day academic year calendar. The deduction could be waived or mitigated in cases where the faculty member was on leave e.g. sabbatical ,illness or Family Medical Leave, unpaid leave, pre-retirement workload reduction, or partial load leave.
  • Part-time and overloads: deductions were based on actual hours of assignment on April 27 X hourly rate of pay.

If you believe you were deducted incorrectly, or you need help in determining  how the deductions were calculated, please contact our union at aft@aft2121.org.

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