September and October, retro pay, pay increase, & vote on dues increase

Here are the major changes you should be aware of. More info on each below.

1) 9.6% retro payments
2) 10.7% pay increase
3) Restoration of the step that was frozen in 2009-2010
4) Added steps
5) OPEB deduction (full-timers only)
6) Lab load change (67% labs now calculated at 75%)
7) Strike hardship fund deduction

1) 9.6% retro payments

Admin says they’re aiming to get the retro payments out as separate line items on the September paycheck.

  • One will be the retro for July 2015 – June 2016. Everyone who worked during that year gets this retro payment, including retirees and faculty who are not working right now. The quick and dirty way to calculate this payment is to get into Web4, look at all your gross pay for July 2015 – June 2016 and take 9.6% of that. That will give you the gross amount of the retro. Taxes and your normal deductions will also be applied to the retro.
  • Be careful: Web4 lists incorrect hours and hourly rates. Look ONLY at gross pay. We won a 10.7% increase beginning July 2016. (That’s the 9.6% for last year plus this year’s increase.) The second retro payment should cover July and August 2016. (Or, if it takes admin longer to implement these changes, it might also cover September 2016.) Calculate 10.7% of whatever you made in those months. But it gets tricky if the step increase or other changes apply to you as well.

2) 10.7% pay increase

Admin says they will try to implement this for the September paycheck. New payscales are here:

The payscales are by workload, NOT hourly. Only day-to-day subbing is calculated hourly. If you need to find your workload, use this calculator: Workload calculator

3) Restoration of the lost step from 2009-2010 (October 2016 paychecks)

As of Fall 2016, everyone whose step was frozen in 2009-2010 receives step credit for that year. This is retroactive to July 2016 only, not before that. You might go up a step depending on your status in 2009-2010. This will not be implemented in time for the September paycheck. Expect the change, and the retro back to July 2016, on the October paycheck.

4) Added steps

As of July 2016, we have new steps at the top of the scale. That’s a new step 13 for part-timers and a new step 17 for full-timers.

5) OPEB deduction (full-timers only)

OPEB stands for “Other Post-Employment Benefits”. It’s a new deduction, starting July 2016, that helps fund the retiree health care trust fund. Only full-time general fund employees are eligible for this benefit, so only they should see the deduction. Categorical (grant-funded) employees are not eligible, even if they’re full-time.

  • Full-timers hired before December 19, 2013: The deduction is 0.25%. It will rise 0.25% per year to a max of 1%.
  • Full-timers hired on or after December 19, 2013: The deduction is 2%.

6) Lab load change (67% labs now calculated at 75%)

As of Fall 2016, all classes that were credited at 67% are now credited at 75%. This could increase your pay or decrease your work hours. To see your new workload, use this calculator:Workload calculator

7) Strike hardship fund deduction and dues increase vote

During our contract campaign, faculty voted to put money into a strike hardship fund through a temporary deduction of 0.05%. This showed on our paychecks as part of our union dues, raising the dues rate from 1.26% to 1.31%. In October 2016, the hardship fund collection will end, and our dues will go back down to 1.26%. The Delegate Assembly will decide what to do with the money currently in the fund (roughly $25,000). However, AFT 2121 reserves have diminished dramatically. AFT National and CFT Statewide have been increasing their fees, and we have not passed on those increases to our faculty since 2011. At the same time, our Local has invested its limited resources in a high level of organizing in support of the successful contract campaign, the battle against the ACCJC, and to save our college. We are discussing the impact on AFT 2121 finances and increasing dues. Faculty at other colleges commonly pay 1.5% in dues. Yesterday the DA approved bringing an increase from 1.26% to 1.5% to a vote of the membership. We will send out more details about voting soon.


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