Update: Salary increases and retroactive pay

Our Union has ratified the new 2015-2018 contract and the Board of Trustees’ ratification is expected at its September 8th meeting. The District is targeting the September 30th payroll to implement our new salary rates and retroactive payments. As more information about this target date is known we will let you know.

The District plans to pay these monies in a separate payroll during September, 2016, through electronic deposit to your bank account. The District plans to implement this as follows:

1) 9.6% back pay for 2015/16: this means all earnings during the 12 month period July 1st 2015 through June 30th, 2016  multiplied by 9.6% (0.096).

*Note: We can email you your back pay calculation. Send us a request: aft@aft2121.org.

2) Retroactive pay for 2016/17 (July 1st through August 31st, 2016) which includes the 1% increase over 2015/16 and new salary Step 17 for full-timers and Step 13 for part-timers.

3) Sept 30th payroll will be paid based on new salary rates, that includes the 1% increase over 2015/16 and new salary Step 17 for full-timers and Step 13 for part-timers.

Potential retirement incentive

We’ve had many inquiries about the provision in the Tentative Agreement regarding a possible retirement incentive.  Under the TA, if the District wishes to pursue an incentive,  it will bring it to the negotiations table after ratification is complete. Of course, if and when this happens, our Union will take the matter up and communicate with faculty .

Strike Day pay deductions

Many faculty who had not been deducted previously for our April 27th strike day saw a deduction on their August paycheck.  More info here.

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