Pay raises arrive: But with mistakes

Finally, faculty have received the pay raises that we have struggled and organized to achieve. The calculation of our regular pay appears to be correct. But there were mistakes in calculating our retroactive pay. Everyone was shorted the same percentage.

They calculated the Retro for 15-16 at 3.58% not the 3.7% we agreed on. This mistake in turn shortchanged our Retro for 16-17. On top of that they did not calculate the 1% raise for July and August 16-17 into our Retro pay.

Yesterday, AFT 2121 representatives met with administration and they agreed that they would make the corrections. They told us that there will be an off-cycle checks in October. More details are here.

Please see detailed info on what to expect on your off-cycle Retro check and how the Step Restoration for the frozen step will be implemented here.

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