ACCJC’s January decision and our next steps


In a time of terrible uncertainty, like the last several weeks in the aftermath of the national election, it’s critical that we stand together. We can’t give in to fear. When we see power abused, we’ve got to fight back. In these times, as always, our power lies in collective action.

It’s not always easy to have courage, but we can find strength in the work we are already doing to make sure that our students have access to excellent public education so they can pursue their dreams.

Next semester, at the beginning of Spring 2017, the college also faces great uncertainty. The ACCJC, rogue accreditor, will make its decision about the accreditation status of our college. We are currently under “restoration,” a patently unfair process which offers no recourse if the outcome is negative.


No matter which way things go with the ACCJC, together we will continue the fight for fair accreditation, to keep our college open and accredited, and to ensure educational access for our students.


CFT and AFT 2121, our state and local unions, are currently suing ACCJC. Our college administration is also ready to file suit if our accreditation is denied by the discredited ACCJC.

Our lawsuit is designed to protect CCSF and other California Community College from the abusive practices of the ACCJC. On December 8, AFT 2121 and the California Federation of Teachers will be going into mediation with the California Community College Board of Governors and the ACCJC in regards to our lawsuit. We have no illusions going into mediation with the ACCJC. We remain steadfast in seeking our goals. The goals of mediation are to secure City College of San Francisco’s accreditation, ensure that all California community college have a fair accreditation system and that whoever the accreditor is, they will not interfere in the collective-bargaining process as ACCJC has done.”


Faculty, students, staff, administrators, and political leaders from around the state have sent third-party comments to NACIQI, the federal agency that gives ACCJC its mandate. These comments indicate that the ACCJC does not have the support and respect of the colleges it is meant to serve. A delegation will again travel to Washington DC in February to make public comment demanding that the ACCJC be de-commissioned and that we return to fair accreditation.


We have the attention and support of people at all levels. Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier co-signed a letter to the Department of Education demanding fair accreditation. Jackie Speier is holding a forum next week looking at the amazing ways that CCSF is integral to the economy of San Francisco, and absolutely must continue to serve all students in our community.

The voters of San Francisco have spoken, passing two ballot measures in support of our college. Prop W will make CCSF tuition-free for SF residents, and Prop B will extend the parcel tax that funds our college. Both passed with strong numbers that show the positive support that CCSF enjoys in the City.


You can be a part of this movement. Congresswoman Jackie Speier is holding a forum at our college next week “ACCJC: Accrediting for Austerity.” Plan to attend the forum nextMonday, 11/28 from 11:00-12:30 in Diego Rivera. Bring your students. Stay tuned in as we continue to fight for our college.

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