CCSF students and faculty to the Board of Trustees: Don’t cancel our future!

Last week, members of the CCSF Board of Trustees heard two full hours of

testimony describing the impact of the ill-planned and damaging class cuts now being implemented at our college. Students displayed their knowledge, skills, and joys: there was a fashion demonstration and the jazz ensemble played, representing valuable and beloved courses that will not be offered next semester.

Speakers described the immediate and lasting chaos, damage, and doubt that these cuts insert into their educational futures and growth—and how our college and communities suffer. AFT 2121 PresidentTimothy Killikelly ended the

heartfelt and diverse presentations, representing students and programs all over the City, with a list of demands. Administration need not go this route of cuts and push-out policies that deny education, he told them—there are alternatives:

  1. Fully fund student services, counseling, and retention programs.
  2. Use stabilization funds as designated in SB 965 to keep classes and programs open.
  3. 100% rollover of last year’s class schedule.
  4. Restoration of classes already cut for Spring 2017.
  5. No cancellation of classes with low enrollments until after the class has met at least twice.
  6. End the practice of cutting healthy classes.
  7. Open new class sections when needed without cutting or trading other classes. Hire faculty when needed.
  8. By November 21, create a staffed phone line to help students register.
  9. Suspend ineffective pre-requisite blocks.
  10. Full funding for the Adult Enrollment Initiative.

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