(Reportback) Administrative takeover of MUB under reconsideration

Powerful testimonies from dozens of students and faculty at last week’s BOT meeting have put the brakes on plans to move administrative offices into Child Development and Health Education instructional spaces. Students gave impassioned evidence of how their program clustering in one building and the classrooms designed for their program-specific needs contributes to their educational success. It became evident no consultation with affected departments had occurred nor had the PGC Facilities Committee seen the alternative options presented to the BOT. Subsequently, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Linda da Silva has said her team will investigate other options to bring back to the Committee. No promise of a re-vote on this matter was given.

It was requested future discussions on this matter include hard data on space needs of 33 Gough departments, numbers of sections and types of classrooms to be displaced in each scenario, projected timelines for facilities upgrades to alternative sites, AND feedback from departments to be displaced.

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