(Reportback) NACIQI/ACCJC

CFT and our allies traveled to Washington DC last week to make oral comments against the ACCJC at the NACIQI meeting remaining an accreditor. There were representatives from members of Congress, CCSF students, along with CCSF faculty and other faculty representatives from San Mateo, Los Angeles, East Bay, Compton, Sacramento, San Diego. 

The testimony occurred on Wednesday afternoon as we collectively made our case that ACCJC is not widely accepted by educators and other stakeholders.

Previously at NACIQI meetings there had been intense discussions. Not this time. They went directly to a vote and approved a motion to recommend an 18 month extension of authority for the ACCJC.NACIQI essentially went along with the Department of Education’s final staff analysis report.  The report is both flawed and incomplete. The report whitewashes the non-compliance of ACCJC.

Incredibly, contrary to previous reports and decisions the 2017 report states that the number of support letters were “compelling to demonstrate wide acceptance.”

Our struggle has netted amazing victories: Barbara Beno is gone, CCSF has full accreditation. But there is more to do.

We will continue to work to bring about a fair accreditation process here in California.

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