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Report-back on CCSF Bookstore closures: Public outcry at Follet Board Meeting

Reduced access to books hurts student success! Follet, the privately-owned bookseller who runs CCSF bookstores, shuttered all center bookstores without notice.
On Monday AFT 2121 was out with concerned students, faculty, and staff demanding that Follet keep ALL our bookstores open. Public outcry from faculty, staff, and students, many who cannot travel to another campus or lack internet fluency, lead to a proposal of limited day and evening hours one day a week at a few campuses.
This proposal will be vetted by Associated Students and Academic Senate before approval. With the recognition that access to course texts are key to student success, we cannot let corporate interests outweigh student needs.

Follet agreed to a contract to serve students all semester long and shouldn’t be allowed to let our students down just because they aren’t making a profit. Our students deserve better. Faculty are encouraged to contact Campus Deans and share with them and AFT 2121 testimonies of how denial of access to a bookstore has harmed students.  

We support an interim solution to make sure students have access to the materials they need to succeed. But this is also a clear example of moving toward privatization that is not serving the needs of students. The College must rethink how we use our resources to meet student needs to help their success.

Payroll problems continue: We need your help to stop them!

Since 2015, hundreds of CCSF faculty have been underpaid, overpaid, or unpaid. Some of the mistakes have been so bad that faculty have lost benefits. Recently numerous librarians received letters informing them that they had been overpaid due to the college’s error, and demanding that they repay the college or face collections proceedings. Worse, part-time faculty have STILL not received the retroactive step increases stipulated in a contract that took effect last October. And across the board, paychecks are so hard to read that most faculty can’t even tell if they’re being paid correctly.

These problems are due not to human error, but to systemic flaws in the FLAC (payroll) component of the college’s Banner system. Other colleges that use Banner have customized the computer code, but CCSF refuses to do so, in spite of the fact that the current system greatly increases the workload for those working on payroll and leads to hundreds of errors in calculating pay. AFT 2121 members are organizing to take action on this issue. If you would like to get involved, please contact Malaika Finkelstein: mfinkels@aft2121.

Stop the cuts

We’ve made City College FREE for San Franciscans! Now is the time to rebuild. We are working to set up meetings with department chairs in departments affected most heavily by the cuts. Can you help us organize a meeting with your department chair? If so please an email to AFT 2121 President Tim Killikelly: tkillikelly@comcast.net.

(Tuesday, 2/21) All faculty are invited to Delegate Assembly

Please join our next AFT 2121 Delegate Assembly this Tuesday, 2/21 from 3-5pm at the Mission Campus, room 106.

(Thursday, 3/2) AFT 2121 Happy Hour

Happy Hour! Join fellow AFT 2121 members and leaders for an informal happy hour Thurs, March 2, 4-7 pm, Revolution Cafe, 3248 22nd St (@Bartlett). Kitty corner from rear entrance to Mission Campus. Live music at 5pm. First round of Sangria is on us!

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