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Topics list:

1. Report back: PGC votes no on arming campus police
2. Today – Delegate Assembly
3. This week – Parking reimbursement forms due

1. Report back: Arming CCSF police

Next up: Presentation to Board of Trustees on arming CCSF police (Thursday, May 25)

At last week’s PGC meeting week many faculty, staff, community, and students spoke in support of and against arming our campus police. In an 8-7 vote PGC members voted against passing forward a recommendation to arm our CCSP campus police. And they voted yes to recommend establishing a public safety review commission and funding professional training for CCSF Police Department Officers.

Next up: There will be a Campus Public Safety Management Study presentation at this Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting from 4:30-5:30 PM on Ocean Campus in MUB 140. AFT 2121 leaders will be there to tell our CCSF Board of Trustees not to arm our Campus Police.

This semester our AFT 2121 Executive Board and our rank-and-file General Membership voted to stand with Associated Students and CCSF Solidarity Committee student leaders in opposing the arming of CCSF campus police.

We’ve seen the lasting impact of police violence on families in black, Latino, and poor neighborhoods. We believe arming our police will do more harm than good to our students from these communities. Community policing is the model that has worked for CCSF. Our police have been able to keep our community safe without guns for many decades. This should be celebrated and honored, and serve as a model for other schools.  We don’t believe that arming our campus police is the way forward.

2. (Reminder – Today, 5/23) Bargaining Team election atDelegate Assembly

Who: AFT 2121 faculty, precinct reps, and leaders
When: Tuesday, May 23 from 3-5pm
Where: Ocean Campus, MUB 140
What: Our Union’s May meeting
More: Get the agenda

Any member who filled out the AFT 2121 Bargaining Team Nominations Form, got the signature of 20 other members, provided an optional written statement, and turned in the form by May 20th will be included in the Bargaining Team election to be held today at the 5/23 Delegate Assembly on the Ocean Campus in MUB 140 from 3-5pm. If you have any questions about the Bargaining Team election procedure, please call (415-585-2121) or email us (

3. (Wednesday, May 24) 2016/17 Parking Reimbursement due for Downtown, Chinatown/NB, Mission, and Ft. Mason

It’s parking reimbursement time again. Faculty eligible for parking reimbursements should use submit their reimbursement forms by May 24, 2017. More info…

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