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Free City begins this fall and enrollment has already begun. Enroll in Free City.

Last year we lead the effort for Free City. And we won! Together with a broad-based coalition of City College faculty and students, San Francisco labor and community organizations, and City leaders we made City College FREE for San Franciscans once again. Free City will:

  • Provide more access to educational opportunities for tens of thousands of San Francisco residents.
  • Help reverse alarming trends in student debt in our City.
  • Cover tuition fees for ALL San Francisco residents who qualify for in-state tuition.
  • San Franciscans already receiving financial aid will be eligible for additional assistance in the form of books and transportation vouchers. Students taking between 6 and 11 units can receive an additional $200 each year. Students taking 12 or more units can receive an additional $500 each year.
  • Serve a diverse range of students with expanded educational access—from traditional college-age students to their neighbors, moms, and grand-moms!
Spread the Love for Free City College All Over Town

Volunteers will be reaching out to our community all summer long to spread the word and bring thousands of students back to their educations at our City College. Want to get involved? Contact AFT 2121 Organizer, Athena Waid (awaid@aft2121.org).

Save CCSF printed up hundreds of these beautiful bumper stickers. Do you want one? You can pick up batches of up to 20 at the union office, and you may want to call before stopping by (415 585 2121).  To arrange for larger batches, email CCSF faculty member Vicki Legion (activistsf@gmail.com).

The project was coordinated by a student, and designed by a community ally. The pilot print runs are funded by faculty members of the Save CCSF Coalition and they are asking for people to chip in $1 or more per bumper sticker if they are able to do so.

An old movement slogan goes, “Use what you have to get what you need.” A lot of us and our friends have cars, and we can use them to rebuild enrollment at our beloved college: Next stop, 80,000 students!

Saturday, June 17th — Help get the word about about Free City!

CCSF faculty member Leslie Simon (415-377-5330) is organizing with community allies PODER and ACCE to door knock and get the word out in the Mission to publicize Free City and talk about issues of affordability in our City. The plan is to gather on the morning of Saturday, June 17th for a short training (location TBA) and then knock on doors for a couple of hours.

Door Knocking for Free City and Affordability
Saturday, June 17, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Mission neighborhood, SF
Exact location TBA
Sign up online
Invite on Facebook

The two asks will be to enroll in classes at the college and to consider getting involved in a housing organization. Though this is an independent action, City College Trustee Shanell Williams will serve as the honorary captain.

Save the date — Thursday July 19 — Community Housing Partnership holds Free City enrollment training for public service providers.

AFT 2121 is proud to have worked with Community Housing Partnership and other key community organizations to help win the Free City program. CHP will hold a 1-hour event for public service providers and staff workers in San Francisco who will help enroll potential students in Free City.
Free City Teach-In For Service Providers
Thursday July 20th, 1:00-2:30 PM
Drs. Julian and Raye Richardson Apartments
365 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA
This teach-in will help providers answer basic questions about learning opportunities at CCSF and make sure that their clients have the resources they need to start their studies. If you would like to go or know someone who should join this training please RSVP to CHP Organizer, James Tracy at jtracy@chp-sf.org.
And stay tuned — Community Housing Partnership will also be holding a separate community teach-in soon for potential students.


Join AFT 2121 and the San Francisco Budget Justice Coalition at City Hall for a rally on June 14th and a hearing on June 19th to fight for a City Budget for all San Franciscans that secures the resources we need to tackle inequalities including, increasing access to healthcare, housing and child care while supporting our communities under attack by the Trump Administration.

  • Wednesday, June 14, 2017
    Lunchtime Rally for an Everyday People Budget, 12:00-12:30 PM
    Visit SF Supervisors — urge them to pass a just budget, 12:30-1:00 PM
    Meet on Polk St. steps of City Hall
  • Monday, June 19th, 2017
    Budget Hearing, 10:00 AM in City Hall legislative chambers, room 250. This is the only opportunity for public comments about City budget priorities. Please join us to make a public comment in support of Budget Justice Coalition’s proposal for a just budget!
The Budget Justice Coalition is a collaboration of over 30 community-based and labor organizations serving impoverished people working towards a City budget that prioritizes poor communities in San Francisco.
RSVP and more info
Share the flyer

CCSF ADMINISTRATION CONTINUES TO MIS-HANDLE OVERPAYMENTTwo years ago they threatened retirees with collections. We responded by filing a ULP claim, and they backed down. This month, we have two cases where administration has ignored our negotiated procedure and tried to intimidate faculty into paying. In both cases, faculty had received overpayment notices and disputed the amounts. But CCSF didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Instead of working with faculty to figure out the correct amounts, CCSF chose to take unilateral action. They ignored the fact that both of these cases were in process. In one instance, they sent a registered letter demanding immediate payment of over $7000. In the other instance, they sent a claim of over $5000 to collections.

We’re concerned that this may be happening in other cases as well. If you’re having trouble around an overpayment, talk to your precinct rep or the AFT 2121 office immediately.

Here is what is supposed to happen when CCSF errors create overpayments:

  • They notify the faculty member. The notice should not be a threatening registered letter.
  • Faculty can contact payroll and administration to ask questions and potentially challenge the amount.
  • When all parties agree on an amount, the faculty member proposes a payment plan.
  • If the faculty member does not respond to the initial notice, CCSF may send a registered letter. The faculty member has a chance to make inquiries and develop a payment plan, as above.
  • If the employee does not agree to pay, the case may be sent to collections.
  • Faculty have the right to union representation at all points in this process.

CCSF administration seems to believe that they can ignore negotiated procedure when it suits them. We cannot allow this to continue.


Most people in our state don’t have access to CA labor history. Now that our communities are even more under attack by the Trump administration it’s critical to understand how working people have struggled for fair working conditions. In “California Labor History,” a course taught by longtime 2121 member and CFT Communications Director Fred Glass, you will learn about the San Francisco General Strike of 1934, the most important event in local history most people never heard of, when the city was shut down for four days to protest police killings of workers, and to gain union recognition for maritime workers.  You may not know it, but the hidden legacy of the General Strike surrounds and protects us still. California Labor History will be offered at6:10 p.m. Tuesday evenings at Mission Campus, 1125 Valencia Street, in Room 454, beginningAugust 22. More info…

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