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Free City begins this fall and enrollment has already begun. Enroll in Free City.

Last year we lead the effort for Free City. And we won! Together with a broad-based coalition of City College faculty and students, San Francisco labor and community organizations, and City leaders we made City College FREE for San Franciscans once again.

Tomorrow, June 17th — Help get the word out about Free City!

CCSF faculty member Leslie Simon (415-377-5330) is organizing with community allies PODER and ACCE to get the word out in the Mission to publicize Free City and talk about issues of affordability in our City. The plan is to gather tomorrow morning for a short training and then knock on doors for a couple of hours.

Door Knocking for Free City and Affordability
Saturday, June 17, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Meet at La Boheme, 3318 24th Street
Sign up online
Invite on Facebook

The two asks will be to enroll in classes at the college and to consider getting involved in a housing organization. Though this is an independent action, City College Trustee Shanell Williams will serve as the honorary captain.

Can’t join us this Saturday? You can still help spread the love for Free City all over town.

Volunteers will be reaching out to our community all summer long to spread the word and bring thousands of students back to their educations at our City College. You can help! Contact AFT 2121 Organizer, Athena Waid (


On Wednesday, AFT 2121 and the San Francisco Budget Justice Coalition rallied for a City Budget for ALL San Franciscans that secures the resources we need to tackle inequalities including, increasing access to healthcare, housing, and increasing access to healthcare, housing and child care, and increasing educational cost stipends for our lowest-income City College students participating in the Free City program.

On Monday starting at 10:00 AM we’ll be at City Hall again asking for a just City Budget with the Budget Justice Coalition, Jobs with Justice San Francisco, and many more. You can help. Come and make a public comment. Tell the leadership of our City to move a City budget forward that protects ALL of our San Francisco communities under attack by the Trump administration. Whose City? Our City! Whose Budget? Our Budget!

Monday, June 19th, 2017, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Invite and more info
Come out the the City’s Budget Hearing, between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM in City Hall legislative chambers, room 250. This is the only opportunity for public comments about City budget priorities. Please join us to make a public comment in support of a just budget for ALL San Franciscans.


Please RSVP to AFT 2121 Organizer Athena Waid (


Back in 2015, we had to file a ULP and set a strike date before administration would back off from sending retirees to collections. This time around, they’ve been sending collections agents after retirees and current faculty. One faculty member even received a call from collections while he was in the hospital. We cannot allow that to continue.

This may be another ULP. They admitted they’re not following the policy we negotiated. They’ve used collection agents when faculty were already trying to communicate with administration and deal with the overpayments, and when they could have gotten in touch with faculty by a simple phone call.

We are demanding that CCSF pull back all the accounts from collections, pending meeting with AFT on the overpayment process. We have been asking for this meeting for months, and it’s finally scheduled: June 23rd. Please join us that afternoon for a happy hour, and we’ll be able to tell you how the meeting went.

AFT Happy Hour: Friday, June 23, 5:00, at El Rio (3158 Mission St)


Long before they tried to close CCSF the ACCJC took away Compton’s Accreditation!
Now Compton has what they should never have lost!

The ACCJC decided to grant accreditation to Compton Community College at its annual meeting last week in San Jose.

Compton has worked so hard to get its accreditation back. Congratulations to all the people of Compton.

We have heard from several of the Compton leaders and they all thanked AFT 2121 and CFT for fighting back against the ACCJC. They all agreed that our struggle at CCSF was an important part of this long overdue day for Compton.

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