Frozen step restored | 80 faculty sent to collections

Frozen step/semester count restored

We finalized our contract in October 2016. In that contract, administration agreed to restore our frozen step from 2009-2010. By the end of the Fall 2016 semester, administration had restored the step for faculty who work full-time. But not for faculty who work part-time, it was a more complicated calculation, and it didn’t happen right away.

They have finally completed the calculations. Semester counts and steps should be corrected for faculty working part-time on the June paycheck. For some faculty working part-time, this will mean a retro payment for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. If you are owed a retro, it should appear on your June paycheck with code P10.

Our Union protests violations of salary over-payment procedure and good faith

Some 80 District-alleged salary over-payments to faculty were sent to collections, some in violation of the negotiated over-payment procedure, which calls for an appeal procedure and the right to Union representation. The majority of over-payments occurred after faculty had classes cancelled due to low enrollment and changes in workload were not reported to Payroll in time to prevent over-payments for part-time or full-time overload assignments.

After several meetings between our Union and the administration, the District has agreed to:

  • exclude from collection any faculty who filed appeals or were otherwise represented by AFT re: the overpaid amounts;
  • provide information to AFT about the 80 collection notices to faculty;
  • the collections will NOT be reported to credit agencies and will not impact anyone’s credit;
  • no added interest will be charged to the overpaid amount;
  • individual faculty may still work out a reasonable repayment plan.

We protested the sending of the over-payments to collection without any notice to our Union, especially given that we had for months been requesting meetings to discuss the excessive number of errors and over-payments, the dysfunction CCSF payroll system, incorrect information routinely provided to faculty on pay stubs, etc.—all of which make it difficult to determine the validity of one’s pay or of an alleged over-payment.

Our Union is now calling on the administration, including the new Chancellor, and the Board, to prioritize the fixing of the faculty payroll system at CCSF, which has been creating stressful conditions for faculty ever since the implementation of “FLAC” in summer 2015.

You may also recall our unfair labor practice (and near strike) to halt the District’s unilateral action in 2015 when they went after retired faculty with demands to repay alleged over-payments based on load deficits.

Just like before AFT 2121 stands ready to assist faculty who received over-payment notices and/or collection notices. We can help determine the validity of the claim and a reasonable repayment plan if appropriate.

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