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Independent Flex Day, Thursday, August 17

Our Precinct Reps and our newly elected Bargaining Team members have been invited to join an afternoon training, which is being held, Thursday, August 17, from 1-5 PM in MUB 180 at Ocean campus,  where we will discuss our strategic approach to the contract campaign.

Flex Day, Friday, August 18

Our last contract campaign produced several wins: much-needed raises, an additional top step, and load improvements. We achieved these gains through organizing and calling out the district on their unfair labor practices and the power we have built together through collective action is a springboard for achieving future gains. This semester we start our newest contract campaign.

Come find us on FLEX Day at our table by Diego Rivera Theater on Flex Day to sign a new membership form, fill out a bargaining survey, and pick up our newest bulletin“Organizing in the Era of Trump.” Stay tuned precinct reps will be your primary contacts throughout this contract campaign and will be setting up “listening sessions” at various sites to discuss contract issues and priorities and you’re invited! Your voice matters in these discussions. You can start by coming to our flex day meetings.

AFT 2121 FLEX Meeting
Ocean, Conlan 101, 2:30-4:00 pm
Part-timers FLEX Meeting
Ocean, Conlan 101, 4:10-5:30 pm

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ACCJC Settlement

The campaign for fair accreditation in California led by the AFT 2121 and CFT has been incredibly successful. The new Settlement Agreement with ACCJC is yet another defining victory. Read more…

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