New Membership Form FAQ – Fall 2017

Q: Why is our Union asking faculty to complete a New Membership Form?
A: Under Trump, we expect to face brutal attacks to Labor Unions and the rights of workers to organize collectively. Currently, the law requires everyone represented in negotiations by a Union to pay their fair share for that representation, also known as “agency fee”. The Janus vs. AFCSME case will likely mean that we lose fair share “agency fee” laws. This would be devastating to our ability to fight collectively for better wages and working conditions. We are getting ready to stand up to these attacks. Asking you to commit to your membership for a full calendar year is part of that fight back. The New Membership Form contains language that allows members to drop membership if they desire, but only once a year. The idea is to make sure that our Union’s funding is stable so that we can continue to do all of the negotiation and grievance work that our members depend on.

Q: How can I get a New Membership Form so I can recommit to ongoing support of my faculty Union, AFT 2121?
A: The best way is to get in touch with your Precinct Rep​. If your department doesn’t have a rep, or if you’d like to send the form directly to AFT 2121, you can download and print the new AFT 2121 membership form​.

Q: If I don’t complete a New Membership Form, what will happen to my membership?
A: We’d like every faculty member to recommit to membership, and to maintain their commitment long-term. However, if you don’t complete a form, your membership status will remain the same as it is currently.

Q: What is COPE (the middle section of the form)?
A: COPE is a voluntary contribution to our Union’s political work. If you value the work we do to advocate for quality Public Higher Education and for Social Justice, you can add an additional monthly contribution to support that work.

Q: If I don’t fill out the COPE section, but I’m already contributing to COPE, what will happen to my COPE amount?
A: If you leave the COPE section blank, your COPE contribution will remain the same as it was before.

Q: What is the Life Insurance policy that’s listed on the bottom of the New Membership Form?
A: AFT National is now covering all active members for a small Accidental Death or Dismemberment Policy​. As long as you’re a member, you are covered whether or not you sign the section at the bottom. If you wish to add a beneficiary, you can do that by writing in their name on the form.

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