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Union Meeting today — All faculty invited!

You can attend our Delegate Assembly meeting and participate in the discussions of what to put in our bargaining platform for our new contract campaign. Please join us today, August 29 from 3-5pm on the Ocean Campus in MUB 140.

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AFT 2121 Members stand up to hate

AFT 2121 members were out in the streets all over the Bay Area this weekend standing against hate and we will continue to do so for as long as we must. Be courageous. Be careful. Organize to end white supremacy. Check out Bay Resistance#NoHateintheBay

You can view action photos:

Commit to becoming a member… and staying a member

There are many ways to fight back against the Trump administration. One of the most powerful is to stand strong with your Union. Our hard-working Precinct Reps and faculty organizers are reaching out to all faculty at CCSF, asking all faculty to recommit to their membership long-term through our New Membership Form.

We’ve heard some questions come up about the form. You can check out our new membership form FAQ’s. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information. We count on your membership. It’s the most fundamental way for you to support your Union.

Listening sessions — this week and next week

Over the next few weeks, as we lead-up to “sunshining” our bargaining proposals to the District, we urge you participate and make your voices heard in our democratic processes.

Our newly elected Bargaining Team members need to hear from everyone about bargaining issues ASAP! Many precinct representatives have already set up listening sessions and all faculty are invited. You can get the new contract surveys from your precinct rep, or at a listening session

Find out more

Please contact our union or your precinct representative if you would like to organize a listening session in your department.

What’s next?
We must “sunshine” our bargaining platform to the District in October. One way you can participate in our strategic campaign discussions is to attend our Delegate Assembly meeting on Tuesday, August 29 from 3-5pm on the Ocean Campus in MUB 140.

After that the final Bargaining Platform draft will go to our Delegate Assembly for a vote of approval at Evans Campus on Tuesday, September 26 from 3-5pm in room 220D.

AFT 2121 Retiree Chapter — Call for KQED volunteers

Our AFT 2121 Retiree Chapter and KQED FM have put out a call for volunteers to answer phone calls from folks who already want to donate. We simply input their info into a computer. The reserved date is Friday, September 8, from 3:30 -7:00 PM.  At that hour dinner is usually provided and tasty snacks as well.  Meet at the station 2601 Mariposa Ave in SF and carpooling is encouraged. Often volunteers can win free raffled prizes,  sometimes they even get to choose from boxes of give aways. Interested in supporting public radio and giving CCSF a little advertising? RSVP as soon as you can to Retiree Chapter leader Kim Lee, klee101010@gmail.com.

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