AFT 2121 Ground Rules for the Bargaining Table

In order to provide as much transparency and information as possible, the public is welcome to attend and observe.

Topics and speakers will be planned in advance of each bargaining session. In order for negotiations to run smoothly, the AFT 2121 elected bargaining team requires that observers follow these rules:

1. If you plan to attend a negotiation session, please RSVP to by the day before so that we can get a head count and arrange for larger room/more chairs if needed.

2. Don’t speak during negotiations unless the chief negotiator (Chris Hanzo) calls on you to make a statement or articulate a question.

3. Keep a poker face. Minimize your visible reactions and do not make audible responses to what is said at the table.

4. Do not display signs or banners or other messages.

5. Have your cell phone or other noisemaking devices turned off.

6. Feel free to enter or leave the room as needed, but minimize noise and disruption.

7. You are free to pass notes with information, questions, etc. to team members.

8. When the team wants a chance to speak without management in the room, they will call a “caucus.” During the caucus, observers will have the opportunity to discuss negotiations issues.

9. Do not attempt to discuss contract issues directly with administration, either in the negotiation session or outside of it.

10. Observers who do not adhere to these guidelines will be asked to leave and barred from future bargaining sessions.

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