Proposed changes to AFT 2121 Constitution and By-Laws

The AFT 2121 Executive Board is proposing changes to our Union Constitution and By-Laws. We plan to discuss these proposals at the Delegate Assembly meeting on 2/27/18 at Mission Campus room 201. Please come to the discussion. Any changes that the Delegate Assembly approves will be subject to a vote of the membership in April.

You can view a draft of the proposed Constitution and By-Laws, along with a draft of the proposed COPE language change. Explanatory notes are in green.

There are four types of changes:

1) Non-substantive editing. 

  • ​Re-organizing and combining Constitution and By-laws. Text from By-Laws is blue in the draft of Constitution changes.
  • Typo fixes and edits for clarity.
  • Edits to reflect current practice, such as monthly pay.
  • Remove gendered language and “he/she”.

2) Status of Retirees and the Retiree Chapter.
We propose a significant change in the role of retired Union members in the Local’s decision-making structures. These changes were written jointly by the AFT Executive Board and the AFT Retiree Chapter, and are marked in the draft of Constitution changes with yellow highlight.

  • ​Retiring members would no longer be able to remain “members in good standing in Local 2121.”
  • Retirees would not be eligible to vote or run in Local’s elections or vote on contract ratification. (This is a change; current practice is that retirees may remain members of Local 2121, able to vote and run for office.)
  • If reemployed to work part-time at CCSF, retirees could resume active Union membership.
  • The Retiree Chapter may select a non-voting Retiree Liaison to the Executive Board. (This is current practice, but not yet stated in our Constitution.)
  • The Retiree Chapter may select a Retiree Representative to act as Precinct Representative the Delegate Assembly. The Retiree Representative shall not vote on collective bargaining, dues, or related issues, but may vote on other concerns. (This also reflects current practice.)
  • Delegates to affiliate organizations, such as CFT and AFT Convention, SF Labor council: If the election of Local 2121 members fails to fill all positions on an elected delegation, vacant positions in that delegation may be filled by nomination from the AFT 2121 Retiree Chapter. (This would be a change. Retirees currently are members of Local 2121 and can run in at-large elections.)
  • COPE membership: Members of the Retiree Chapter are eligible to join and contribute to Local 2121 COPE. Language for this appears in our Local Constitution and in the COPE Constitution. A vote for this change would alter the language in both documents. (Retirees currently may join COPE. But with the proposed Constitution changes, retirees would lose their membership in Local 2121. The proposed change in COPE language allows them to continue their involvement in COPE.)

3) Representation.
Our Constitution allows people who are not part of our bargaining unit to apply for membership. This proposal would change that, so that we may only represent people who are CCSF faculty. This proposal appears as a deletion in Article IV, Sections 3 and 4, marked with blue highlight in the draft of Constitution changes.

4) Contract ratification.
Our practice has been to allow fee-payers to vote on contract ratification. This proposal would change that, so that only members could vote. This language appears in Article XVI, marked with green highlight in the draft of Constitution changes.

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