Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly is the democratically elected rank-and-file decision making body of our Union. The Delegates (Precinct Reps) meet once a month, usually the 3rd Tuesday (but please check the calendar for holidays or other changes to meeting dates). Meetings are open to all Faculty, though only Delegates may vote.

Our Delegate Assembly is comprised of Precinct Representatives elected every 2  years for a 2 year term. If a precinct is without representation, a new Delegate may be appointed by the president and confirmed by a vote of the Delegate Assembly for the remainder of the 2 year term. If you are interested in becoming a precinct rep, please email Jessica Buchsbaum:

Precinct 1: Rep Needed
Ocean: Business Credit

Precinct 2Mary Bravewoman, John Verosky
Ocean: Math

Precinct 3: Wynd Kaufmyn
Ocean: Engineering and Architecture

Precinct 4: Abigail Bornstein
Ocean: Computer Science and Computer Networking

Precinct 5: Rep Needed
Ocean: Biology

Precinct 6: Bob Price
Chemistry and Earth Science

Precinct 7: Susan Englander
Ocean: Social Science

Precinct 8: Rep needed
Ocean: Behavioral Science

Precinct 9: Marco Mojica
Interdisciplinary Studies and Diversity Departments

Precinct 10: Rep Needed
Child Development

Precinct 11: Harry Bernstein
Music and Theater

Precinct 12: Tracee Wong, and rep needed
Counseling, EOPS, Financial Aid, African American Scholastic, Asian-Pacific Success, Latino Services

Precinct 13Lauren Cuttler
Nursing- RN

Precinct 14: Erwin Barron

Precinct 15: Valerie Berger, Nicole Barens
Ocean ESL, Institute for International Studies

Precinct 16Ana Garcia
Foreign Languages

Precinct 17: Tandy Iles
Ocean: Health Education

Precinct 18Rep Needed
BEMA, Cinema, Journalism

Precinct 19: Kathe Burick, Adam D’Acquisto

Precinct 20: John Carrese
Culinary, Hospitality, CTE, Fashion, Workforce Development, Mentoring

Precinct 21Dayna Holz
All campuses: Library

Precinct 22: Galina Gerasimova

Precinct 23: Claire Brees
Ocean: Art
Fort Mason: All Departments

Precinct 24Leland Lo
Ocean: Administration of Justice
Airport: All Departments

Precinct 25Teri Chapman
Evans: All Departments

Precinct 26: Karl Westerberg
Physics and Astronomy

Precinct 27: Rep needed
Health Care Tech

Precinct 28John Watson 
John Adams: ESL

Precinct 29: Tracy Ousdahl
Downtown: ESL

Precinct 30Robin Pugh
Business non-credit, Business credit (not Ocean)

Precinct 31: Lori Admokom lusocha@sbcglobal.netHolly Stevens
Chinatown: ESL

Precinct 32Bob McAteer
Visual Media Design and Photography

Precinct 33: Carolyn Cox
Mission: ESL

Precinct 34Marcia Weisbrot
Older Adults

Precinct 35Audrey Wallace
Civic Center: All Departments
Gough: All Departments

Precinct 36Christine Beard
Transitional Studies

Precinct 37Thomas Wang 

Precinct 38: Alexis Litzky

Precinct 39Rep Needed
Dental Assisting, Diagnostic Medical Imaging, Student Health

Precinct 40Rep Needed
Nursing-LVN, Consumer Education

Precinct 41Retiree Chapter

Precinct Rep, Jim McKinney (
Treasurer, Renato Larin
Secretary, Joe Berry
Chair, Ann Killebrew
Vice Chair, Cliff Liehe

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