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You should receive a copy of the AFT/District contract when you are hired. If you don’t, call us and we will immediately send one. Pay schedules appear as appendices to the contract. If you are fortunate enough to be hired on a full-time basis, you will want to pay attention to the Full-Time Salary Schedule and the provisions governing initial salary placement (Article 20.A). You will want to be sure that you are getting proper credit for your previous teaching or related work experience and education level. The tenure review process (Article 9.C) will naturally be a chief concern during your first several years here, assuming that you are are hired on a tenure-track basis.

Part-timers will want to view the Pro-rata Salary Schedules (pdf), which are tied by load formulas to the Full-Time Salary Schedule (pdf), and appear in the appendices to the contract. The Instructional Pro-rata Schedules are separated into credit and non-credit modes, each with a different hourly rate scale. Part-timers accrue job security or reemployment rights in accord with Article 13-1 of the Contract after four semesters of service with a satisfactory formal evaluation.


Beginning June 2015, CCSF is using a payroll system called FLAC (Faculty Load and Compensation). All faculty pay except day-to-day subbing will be paid by load. Instead of an FTE percentage, load will be expressed as “workload”.

— FLAC pay is NOT hourly. Web4 still lists erroneous hours and hourly rates, but we are paid by workload.

— Workload is not related to the credits that students receive. Workload is simply another way of expressing FTE (Full Time Equivalent).


Step 1: Find your workload

Use this calculator to translate between hours, FTE, and workload. Put in your hours, making sure you use the appropriate columns depending on whether you’re starting from weekly hours or total semester hours. (For summer session, use semester hours, since the number of weeks is different.)

This will give you workload for the entire semester.

Step 2: Multiply your workload by the appropriate rate:

This is will give you pay for the entire semester. Here are the payscales:

Step 3: Divide by the number of paychecks

For Fall or Spring whole-semester assignments, divide by five.
For summer or for short-term assignments, divide by the number of months in which you are assigned to work.

Step 4: Add in day-to-day subbing

Day-to-Day subbing is still calculated hourly. Multiply your hours by the appropriate rate:


Full-timers with regular in-load assignments:

Your FLAC information may not appear in Web4 yet. This is a big change – we’d been told for months, as FLAC was in development, that everyone would be able to look up their information. Now we find that half the faculty can’t use this system yet.

Part-timers and full-timers with overload:

— Log in to Web4. Choose Employee Services / Faculty Load and Compensation / Compensation and Acknowledgement. You’ll have a choice of credit or non-credit. Non-instructional assignments are usually listed under credit.

— You’ll see a list of your assignments. The Banner code next to each assignment is also how the assignment will show up on your paystub.

— The compensation you see there is for the entire assignment. For instance, someone whose assignment runs through June and July will receive half on each paycheck.

— You’ll see the name of each assignment, the “workload”, the gross pay, and a bunch of extraneous junk you don’t need. If you click on the name of the assignment, you get to a similar-looking page that shows step, column, and pay rate. This only works for instructional assignments; non-instructional assignments show on Web4 but don’t have the link for second page.

— If you spot a mistake, talk to your chair ASAP. And please let AFT know, as well. Fill out this form to automatically submit your information to AFT and directly to CCSF payroll.

— The Office of Instruction has a 10-page guide to FLAC for faculty. It’s the second link at:

June 2015 was when the District first implemented FLAC.
Click here for the June 2015 check-your-check page 


Click here for our pre-FLAC check-your-check page.


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