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Collective Bargaining Agreement July 2015 – June 2018

Old Contracts



FT annual base pay
FT overload
FT pay by workload


PT pay by workload for instructional and instructionally-related assignments
PT pay by workload for counseling and library assignments
PT annual pay

Hourly pay for day-to-day subs

CCSF is using a payroll system called FLAC (Faculty Load and Compensation). All faculty pay except day-to-day subbing is now paid by load. Instead of an FTE percentage, load will be expressed as “workload”.

For more detail about workload and FLAC, see our check-your-check page.

For payscales before June 2015, take a look at



Fall 2007:  Our last across-the board raise until September 2016

Spring 2008:   Part-time pro-rata increased from 85% to 86%. Step 15.5 increased to 16.

2009 – 2010:   No change in pay, but steps were frozen. No one received step credit for this year.

2010 – 2011:   Salaries cut 1% from 2007 pay scale (temporary, one-year give-back).

2011 – 2012:   Salaries cut 0.45% from 2007 pay scale (temporary, one-year give-back).

Fall 2012:  Salaries cut 2.85% from 2007 pay scale (temporary, one-year give-back).

Spring 2013:   Salaries cut 4.4% from Fall 2012, retroactive to August 2012. This was imposed unilaterally by administration with no negotiation.

For full-timers, the retro was done by taking 9% out of Spring paychecks.
For part-timers, it was done by taking 4.4% out of Spring paychecks, and taking out a retro amounting to 4.4% of everything we made in Fall 2012.

July 2013:  Salaries cut 5% cut from 2007 pay scale. This was a permanent cut, imposed unilaterally by administration with no negotiation.

Spring 2014:  1% restoration.

April 2015:  0.5% restoration, retroactive to January 2015.
That left us 3.7% below the 2007 pay scale.

June 2015: FLAC implemented. No change in pay rates.

September 2016:

  • 9.6% across-the-board increase, retroactive to July 2015.
  • 1% across-the-board increase, retroactive to July 2016.
  • Restoration of frozen step from 2009-2010, retroactive to July 2016.
  • New step 13 for part-timers, new step 17 for full-timers, retroactive to July 2016.
  • Load change: 67% labs now calculated at 75%, retroactive to July 2016.


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