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AFT 2121’s Committee on Political Education

The futures of our students, our union, and our college are under attack. Our union has been central in the fight to save our City College. In order to continue this fight and build our union, we must expand not only the membership but also the scope of COPE. We have traditionally thought of COPE as funding for the political positions for our Union, particularly contributions to candidate and ballot issues. Now, we need COPE to evolve to include our organizing and outreach so that we can continue to build our movement. We need your help to fund this vital work.
By signing up for COPE, you will be voluntarily contributing additional money to build your union. COPE dues are collected and sent separately from the regular fees and dues monies our Union receives. As we expand our strength, we need to increase our funding supply to COPE.

AFT 2121’s proud history of political activism through COPE

The Al Tapson AFT 2121 COPE was founded in 1980 in response to the realization that government decisions affect the well-being of society and the Union needed to actively participate in the political process to effectively represent faculty and the mission of California’s community colleges. The AFT 2121 leadership resolved to establish a committee whose members would work to 1) educate our faculty and the general population about the critical issues that affect education, and 2) use the committee as a vehicle to have a positive political impact. Throughout the years AFT 2121 COPE has been instrumental in supporting many important causes, campaigns, and candidates, including, most recently, Propositions 30 and A.

We need you to help your Union fund this vital work

Organizing for political education and action is an essential tool of our Union in advancing the central goals of sound education policies and protection of faculty rights. Members voluntarily contribute to the Union’s fund for political action by authorizing a separate deduction to the AFT Committee on Political Education (COPE). Contributions are voluntary and separate from the dues we contribute to fund the Union’s day-to-day work. Growing this fund will allow us to commit resources to the kind of continued, intensive organizing required to defend City College and quality public education. Join your fellow union members in the struggle to defend CCSF, our students, and our profession.

To join COPE, download and complete this form. If you are going to fill it out electronically, you will need Acrobat Reader 8 or higher to digitally sign. Email the completed form to Wendy Leung, Otherwise, print out the form, fill out and sign, then send to:

CCSF Campus mail:
AFT 2121, Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan or
U.S. Mail: 311 Miramar Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112

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