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image3Q: How can I still be a part of the City College family after I retire?
A: Join the AFT 2121 Retiree Chapter. Click here for an application form.

Q:How much does it cost to join?
A: Dues are $24 per year.

Q:How can the Retiree Chapter help at this critical time in City College’s history?
A:Retirees can use their expertise with just about anything from calling, to writing, carrying, designing, speaking, connecting, and helping to build consensus. You get the picture: Your knowledge, experience, and creativity are just what we need to save City College.

Q:Do AFT 2121 retirees affiliate with other organizations?
A:AFT 2121retirees helped establish the first CFT Retiree Council. Also, we are automatically members of the California Association of Retired Americans and the California Federation of Teachers.

IMG_3852Q:What are some of the other benefits of joining the Retiree Chapter?
A:Eligibility for the Credit Union, discounts at various venues, events for you to socialize with other retirees, automatic membership in other retiree groups, and AFT Plus resources.

For more information about our retiree chapter, email Ann Killebrew:
To join the retiree chapter or to find out if you need send renewal dues, email Wendy Leung:


  • Next Retiree Chapter meeting, Tuesday, 14 November, 1 pm in the AFT 2121 office.
  • Rodger Scott spoke glowingly about the life of Ray Berard, friend of the people and unionist forever, Friday afternoon, 15 September, in the John Adams Campus Auditorium.
    Although still recovering himself, Rodger conducted the memorial to Ray encouraging the many attendees, representing diverse groups across San Francisco, to speak about Ray.  We learned besides the over forty years of engagement in union politics wearing a bow tie, every year Ray reserved the same box at the SF Opera.  In retirement, he remained an active 2121 Retiree member and traveled the world to attend opera.
  • On January 12, 2017, the Retiree Chapter once again presented for all faculty AFT 2121’s annual Retirement and Financial Planning Day, now in its eighth year. Always a popular event with faculty, this year it attracted almost 200 faculty members, a record number considering the recent downsizing of the college. This year’s event featured 22 informative workshops, continental breakfast, lunch with a keynote speaker, and Professional Development flex activity credit for all workshops. If you missed this year’s event, plan on attending the next one in January 2018!

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