Voluntary Sick Leave Bank

What is the VSLB?
The VSLB is a bank of voluntary contributions of sick leave days/hours that come from participating faculty members’ accrued sick leave days/hours. VSLB provides income protection in the case of catastrophic illness or injury.

What are the benefits?
VSLB contributors have the assurance that they have an income protection plan in the case of a catastrophic illness or injury. Additionally, contributors to the VSLB provide vital support for colleagues who experience a catastrophic illness or injury and are unable to work.

Full-time faculty can receive up to 100 days of fully paid medical leave which is funded through a combination of VSLB contributions and the partial sick leave provision (see AFT2121 contract Article 17 section D). Part-time faculty may receive up to 100 days of sick leave at the rate of the faculty member’s current load. . Part-timers who are eligible for both VSLB and SDI (State Disability Insurance) benefits may receive VSLB benefits during the waiting period required by SDI and also use VSLB benefits to supplement SDI benefits up to 100% of your salary.

A member must exhaust their sick leave before getting any benefits from VSLB.  VSLB benefits apply to regular academic year assignments only; they do not apply to overload or summer assignments. Only faculty who have contributed to the VSLB are eligible to receive these additional sick leave benefits

How do I sign up?
The Human Resources Department and AFT 2121 are announcing the call for contributions to the VSLB in district wide emails and will also post the open call in City Notes.  A VSLB “Open Call for Contributions” form will be attached to the district wide emails and attached to the City Notes announcement and will also available online.

How much sick leave do I donate?
By signing the form, you agree to donate one hour (for <. 5 part-timers), two hours (for .5 or more part-timers), or one day (for full-timers) of your personal sick leave.

How often will I be called to make a donation to the VSLB?
You will be asked to make a donation when the VSLB is in need of replenishment. If the VSLB balance falls below 100 days at the beginning of an academic year or if the bank is in danger of total depletion during the academic year, there will be a call for donations.

What if I’m already a part of the VSLB?
If you are currently in the bank and want to remain in the bank, you don’t need to do anything. Your sick leave deduction will go into effect later this semester.

How do I opt out if I no longer want to be a VSLB member?
If you are a member of VSLB and no longer want to participate in the bank, you must opt out by signing the “opt out” portion of the VSLB “Open Call for Contributions” form.  At each subsequent call for contributions, members will have an opportunity to opt out of the automatic renewal.

What is the deadline for submissions?
Completed forms must be filed with Human Resources at 33 Gough Street by the close of business on Friday, April 10th, 2015. Please return form via either snail mail (CCSF HR Department, 33 Gough St., S.F., CA 94103) or interoffice mail (HR Department, 33 Gough.) Upon receipt, the Human Resources Department will stamp forms to document receipt and mail a photocopy back to the faculty member.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
For questions regarding the VSLB, contact an AFT Local 2121 representative at (415) 585-2121 or Lety Sazo of the Human Resources Department at (415) 487-2443.

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