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AFT Local 2121 is a professional faculty union that represents and advocates for you. Questions of your rights sometimes get complicated, and your Union local is there to help you assert them.

This page is designed with those new to union membership in mind. You will find out about what we as faculty members have accomplished through our union and why your membership is so important. You will also find useful links to answer many FAQs that new faculty often have. If you do not find answers to your questions, do not hesitate to contact your union office:

email: aft@aft2121.org phone: 415-585-2121 How do I join AFT 2121?

How do I join AFT 2121?
We are only as strong as our membership. When you join, you support our efforts at the bargaining table to improve our conditions of work. You also contribute to our state (CFT) and national (AFT) parent unions, which work to support faculty rights and public education in California and nationwide.

By joining, you strengthen our ranks and gain a voice in union decision-making. You also become eligible for various member discounts and other benefits.

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COPE—get political
Through COPE (Committee on Political Education) we fund political positions for our Union, particularly contributions to candidate and ballot issues. We also organize and conduct outreach around social justice and equity issues that affect our students, our union, and our college.
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Our membership is organized into precincts of 25-40 members, each with an elected representative. These precinct reps, together with our Executive Board members, form our principal governance body, the Delegate Assembly and are your conduit to the Union.

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Q. Who can help answer my questions? How do I contact someone?
A. Our precinct reps and our AFT 2121 leaders can answer questions. You can email your precinct rep, email our Union (aft@aft2121.org), or call our union (415-585-2121).

Q. How much will I be paid?

A. The algorithm isn’t that complicated, but it does take a little time to figure out. It depends where on the scale the new hire is placed. If you have already gone through your hiring paperwork with HR, you should have a piece of paper that says your column and step. If you haven’t done that yet, it is a little harder, but we could probably give you a decent estimate if we knew a little bit about your previous experience. The other factor is how much you are working. If you are a full-timer, and working a regular full-time load, then you fit onto this scale. It gives annual salary, usually divided evenly into 10 or 12 paychecks. If you are a part-timer, then there’s a little more figuring to do. You need to know your “workload.” Your department chair or coordinator will know this. Or you can figure it out by plugging your hours into this calculator.

Once you know the workload, you can use this salary schedule. Multiply workload by the number on the table to get pay for the semester, usually divided evenly into 5 paychecks.

Q. What if I have a problem with my paycheck?
A. Please check your check and then fill out a form to report payroll problems.

Q. I’m a part-timer and I need to know more about my retirement options.

A. Understanding how retirement plans work and being able to estimate the amount of one’s retirement benefits can help a part-timer make career choices. Our Retiree Chapter works to educate faculty about their options. Look at this presentation made by Cliff Liehe at AFT 2121’s Third Annual Retirement and Financial Planning Day. Here is a more in-depth guide than the above presentation. Be sure to attend an AFT2121 Retirement and Financial Planning workshop on Flex Day. It’s never too early to start planning!

Q. Can I transfer sick leave from one community college district to another?

A. Yes! You must have worked for at least one year in the previous district and you must transfer the sick leave within the first 12 months of employment in the new district.

Q. I am carrying student debt. Is there any information about student debt relief for faculty?

A. Because of the rising cost of higher education, and the shifting of that cost onto individual students, a whole generation is now burdened with student debt. If you are one of those carrying debt from your education, you may be able to benefit from Income Based Repayment plans, and Public Service Debt Forgiveness.

Q. Where is our Union office? How do I get there?
A. AFT 2121 is located at 311 Miramar Ave. From the Ocean Campus walk down Ocean Avenue towards 19th Avenue, our office is on the corner of Ocean and Miramar.

Q. What do faculty do through our Union, how can I be involved, and when do we have meetings?
A. Learn more about how our Union works and join our democratic process by coming to our union meetings.

Q. What are these entities?

A. Our college recognizes and utilizes the contributions of leadership throughout the organization for continuous improvement of the institution. These leadership bodies are regularly referenced in college and union communications.:



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